Infinite Dendrogram : The Dueling Cities

Episode 7

Kettō Toshi” (決闘都市)

Welcome back to one of the most bland shows there is.

This episode started pretty dramatically.

We had a look at more people from Dryfe, the rivaling city, to the point that one character just managed to steal anothers heart from a distance and kill them. It was a bloody and gruesome death scene which made me totally forget we’re in a game if I’m honest.

Most of the rest of the episode was putting the pawns into place on the chess board.

Hugo and Flamingo’s plan revolves around the Clash of Superiors which of course Ray is going to. Marie has a mysterious Sigil which I’m not sure why I should be too bothered by the entire mystery if I’m honest. Then Shu shows back up, he doesn’t want Ray to know he’s a Superior and we also have it confirmed that Shu is rich, that he’s super lucky and can do just about anything he puts his mind to.

Oh and he’s friends with Figaro who we will get to see fight in the tournament which is pretty cool.

Not a whole bunch happened, it was more about dusting off the last few episodes, getting the rewards and moving the characters to their next position.

It went back to being the quite fun yet bland show it was before this last story which I’m not sure how much I actually enjoyed it and just was there.

This has always been the big problem with this show is that it kind of just exists but that is it.

So much happened in the episode, it was the same length as every other episode, but what actually happened wasn’t all that important. There was a lot of talking that could have been condensed much more to make the episode flow better, there was Ray being his normal self and lots of “oh look this is a story we might dig into later” kind of thing but nothing that really needed the amount of time it got.

None of the characters really have any chemistry still they just all exist for the sake of being characters in this story.

Not even Ray as a character is that interesting which might be why the last story didn’t really work for me. After all why should I care that this bland and boring character in a game world is super good at a game when he isn’t a gamer? Or that he’s falling in love with his Sigil? Or anything else?

The show needs to give people that reason to care and as of yet it hasn’t.

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