Dorohedoro : A Good Day to Leave // Lalala Monsterman // Splendid & Exuberant // Welcome to Blue Night Land

Episode 8

Ī hi, Tabidachi” (いい日、旅立ち) // “Rarara Kaijin-kun” (ラララ怪人くん) // “Gōjasu & Morimori” (ゴージャス&モリモリ) // “Burūnaito Rando he Youkoso” (ブルーナイト・ランドへようこそ)

There is a PARTY going on with En and Family so we’ll go over and see our true main characters having a good, GOOD time together.

Once again the story really focused on the Sorcerers which doesn’t really upset me. I’ve said it before but these guys are probably my favourite part of the entire series.

We go to the Blue Night Festival, a event that happens every so often which is the night that Sorcerers pick their new partner. It isn’t as easy as it sounds of course but what it does mean is that the majority of this episode was a hilarious montage of watching En and family get ready for his big party.

Everything about it was fun. I can’t even really remember what happened with the others because I just enjoyed spending time with En and the rest in the episode.

That isn’t really true.

Caiman has left to go to the land of the Sorcerers on his own to find Risu, this in itself was actually pretty funny as he managed to luck his way into a job and then even into En’s party without even knowing that was what he was doing.

That being said I just really loved everything about the Sorcerers.

They have such great chemistry together and their stories are just much more interesting. I kind of want to know how Shin and Nio became partners in the first place, we ended with Nio being attacked and it is strange to think that I actually felt like she might be in danger, not only that but I want to see the people who had asked to be Fujita’s partner and whether he’ll pick either of them.

All of them have such weird personalities but they work so well together and the imagery the Sorcerers have is just so much more stronger. I am not saying that I dislike any other character or story but I have just been so taken with them. The gruesome look of their masks, the fact that they are in such brutal scenes yet the entire group of them are giant idiots.

I’m invested in Shin and Nio’s relationship and where that would go. I laughed out loud more then any other moment in any other series when Ebisu got boobs because she was jealous of Nio’s or seeing Nio struggling to walk in high heels.

How could you not love them?

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