Smile Down the Runway : The Designer’s Capacity

Episode 8

We probably have witnessed the best episode so far for this series but it still isn’t much to talk about and needed to completely remove most other characters from it for it to work.

The dramatic end to last episode was kept going with a seriously emotional struggle for Tsumura in this episode.

Not only does he have to face the reality that he might not be good enough to make his dream come true but he needs to give up his job and work hard just to get his mother back home who has now had a operation to save her life that she had been putting off until after Tsumura competed in the Festival.

As I said it was the best episode but that doesn’t really mean very much.

I like Tsumura and his family, his sisters are really lovely and the whole unit are caring and loyal. Moments like him snapping at his sister because he’s trying to concentrate but can’t, things like his other sister who is constantly in a battle with him at the hospital should have been longer and led to something deeper coming from it.

Whilst that was a big part of this episode it really wanted to push the doubt into Tsumura’s mind. He has a run in with Toh who tells him that he’ll only ever make it as a Patternmaker which leads him down the road of self doubt, he leaves his job with Yanagida to make the money for his mum but by the end of the episode all of this was pointless because whilst him and Chiyuki have had major step backs in their dreams, she went to Paris and didn’t even make it through the door at any audition, it was Chiyuki’s father buying his design and telling him he would be surprised if Tsumura didn’t become a fashion designer that ended the episode and made everything before it kind of mute.

I got it though I really did.

It was meant to be that upbeat happy ending. Tsumura now has the money for his mum and the motivation to prove Toh wrong.

Just wouldn’t it have been nice if that came from his family?

Sure the money side of it probably couldn’t have but why couldn’t Chiyuki’s father just buy the design and the motivation and determination to win the competition come from his family? There was such a strong family story throughout the episode just for him to snap at one of his sisters before finding his happiness somewhere else.

His story is starting to get a little all over the place. He had such strong family ties and whilst I loved the scene where he had a go at his sister  because it showed a side to him that he needs to have in this industry but also how much passion he has for what he is doing it would have been nice for his family to have still in the end been the biggest inspiration for him.

I kind of hope that Yanagida sticks around though, with Tsumura not working for him I worry he’ll go but I really enjoy him as a character and nothing else in this show comes close to how good he is.

Best episode so far.

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