Kabukicho Sherlock : Moriarty Savors

Episode 20

Moriāti, kyōju” (モリアーティ、享受)

Finally we get a proper look at the mindset of this worlds Moriarty. We’ve seen him as a nice young lad, one of the group but now we’ll get to see the real him.

It was worth the wait too.

There have been moments that have kind of made you wonder if Moriarty was the nice guy the show made you believe, he was just a little too nice and his obsession with Sherlock a little too obvious. The Adler episode was entirely meant to make you think he was the bad guy before twisting it but there was always that voice that reminded you that Sherlock’s nemesis was Moriarty so there must be something.

You’ll probably either love this story or be lukewarm to it.

If I’m honest I was kind of lukewarm to it when I was watching the episode. It was interesting and it made sense of everything we’d seen, almost, but it also felt so obvious.

He splits everyone up by kidnapping Lucy, he has that leverage to then attack Watson later on and hit Sherlock where he thinks it’ll hurt the most. Everyone in contact with him is in constant danger and there is a decent feeling of that throughout the episode, you don’t feel you can trust anything that is happening at any given time.

Not only that but his story whilst kind of lame in some ways was told in a nice way.

As a kid Moriarty was a bit different, during a thunderstorm he went outside and saw his fish get electrocuted which led him to killing his mother to make her “beautiful”. The analogy of the broken teapot trying to be filled was brilliant but I think we were meant to be a little shocked at his announcement that he was angry at Jack for killing his sister not because he loved her but because she was his prey and at that point I kind of guessed that.

It kind of took some of the emotion and drama away from Jack’s story which sounds silly seeing it was almost half a series ago but it still kind of stang.

That being said by the end of the episode I was on the edge of my seat with my breath held so it couldn’t have been that lukewarm.

Moriarty holds all the cards, he’s getting his revenge and doing things his own way. He doesn’t NEED some huge emotional backstory, he can be damaged and just be some plain killer the important part is that he is intelligent, he’s the equal to Sherlock and at this point in time, whether he really has the upper hand and has attacked Sherlock in a really personal way or whether he just thinks he has, he’s winning and that is what is important.

Some really good moments with the other Detectives, some really sad moments with Mrs Hudson having to come to terms with Moriarty being a bad guy and it is building up to a fantastic end to the series.

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