Magia Record : Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story : A World With Just Me

Episode 9

Watashi shika Inai Sekai” (私しかいない世界)

Can you fight a invisible girl or a electric current? We’ll find out after the girls went against the best possible course of action of not replying to the weird messages that they were receiving and instead replied.

It was actually a really good episode.

We got to see just how far the Wings of Magius are going to do whatever it is they are doing, we meet a AI called Ai who is victim to their rumour spreading and a Magical Girl called Sana who is the Invisible Girl after wishing to be Invisible.

Their story was actually really lovely and it made total sense.

Sana’s mother remarried and her new family were just better then her. Whether they really were or not isn’t really that important but it is the age old story of a kid that just started to fall through the cracks, then she became the weird girl before becoming basically the invisible girl.

Not only did we get that explained but we also kind of saw how the rumours of her got past around, again I love the style of the animation at the beginning when the story of the Invisible Girl was being told. Those blank looking faces were creepy as hell.

It was sad though. The fact that Sana only ever felt at home there in a made up world with a AI that was just trying to learn, the fact that Ai learnt how to love and that is why she called for help to get Sana out of her world was a really lovely touch. This entire episode made sense, it was actually pretty emotional and it was just so beautiful. There was a kind of hippy, retro look to the backgrounds instead of the more Gothic Fairytale look we tend to get and I really enjoyed it.

Kind of funny that the best episode in a while has been about characters that haven’t been seen before.

That might also in itself be a problem.

Sana is now another face in a already overwhelmingly packed show. She’s another kid with nowhere to go who will probably end up in the bordering house. I’m still struggling at times to tell characters apart because not only are there so many of them but their lives seem to happen outside of the actual show itself at times so nothing truly makes much sense.

Then again this episode did so hopefully it is a good sign going forward.

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