Keep Your Hands off Eizouken! : Aim for Comet A!

Episode 9

This possibly was the episode I was waiting for my entire life. Not only do we move forward in life but we learn about the most important character there is.


I’ve said it countless times but Kanamori is the glue that holds this together. She’s such a strong character that might at times be overlooked because she isn’t the artistic type but she’s a realist and she’s the one with the business mind and the know how to get this group on the right path.

So learning where that kind of came from was fantastic.

This episode doubled over not only as the backstory to Kanamori but used it as the motivation for the next Anime as well as showing Midori and Mizusaki exactly what she keeps telling them, you can make your anime as perfect as you want but if you don’t get it out there and if you never finish it by deadlines then no one will know of it.

Kanamori has taken to Social Media and is spreading the name of the Eizouken far and wide, she also wants to get something big they can profit from fully for themselves out there so take the two on a trip around town to give them inspiration for what ends up being a alien invasion story that will also be advertising for the local area.

I feel like Midori and Mizusaki finally seeing things Kanamori’s way not only will help them maybe keep to schedules a little easier but also gave them the motivation to stick up for themselves a little more.

We get down to a cannon shooting a energy beam but a invisible energy beam.

Obviously Kanamori has reservations on that, if people can’t see it will it interest them but this episode and everything that has come before gave Midori the confidence in her abilities to say that they’ll show that the cannon shot out a energy beam by using the animation.

I honestly never have the right words to praise this show. It is so beautiful but also super fun, interesting and probably has the best cast of characters in any show this season. They compliment each other well, their goals are always easy to understand and you enjoy the journey you are going on with them.

We had some really fantastic development with Mizusaki, Midori is always growing as a character and now Kanamori has even had a bunch of development I never thought we’d see.

This episode was a nice breather whilst getting us ready for the next adventure. It changed a few things, showed off the development that has been going on and was just nice and chill. It also branched out from the school giving us a look into the world around them, the world that they all grew up in. It kind of explained a whole bunch honestly.

Can’t wait to see what the next Anime looks like!

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