Plunderer : Demon of the Abyss

Episode 8

Abisu no Akuma” (アビスの悪魔)

Plunderer isn’t the greatest show ever made, in fact it is far from it, but I never thought my expectations could go lower or for me to be more disappointed then I was in this episode.

I truly try to be positive about this show because underneath the garbage is a rather fun concept.

Well a few of them to be fair.

Some great characters, some great settings and the potential for a really interesting back story for one of the main characters all keep me going.

What are the numbers? Who is Licht? What is the Abyss?

Why I am so disappointed in this episode is it was basically the same thing as last week but even worse.

I gave last week a pass, I turned the conversation onto a theory I had instead of talk about the stupidness of it but not only are we back to Licht and Jail drinking and nothing really happening, a super cool character like Jail being wasted, we have Lynn and Hina kind of squabble over Licht just they don’t really do anything.

Not only that but this all happened just after Jail and Lynn found a town totally destroyed by the abyss. No real emotion or need to do anything when they find Licht again other then fool around.

If that didn’t upset me the end of the episode did.

Imagine all this time. We know nothing of this world, nothing of the numbers or this war that we think Licht fought in but that would mean he’s lived for a very long time. We know nothing of anything.

So imagine how cool seeing a full blown helicopter coming out of the abyss was?

By that point I was so done with the episode that it was totally lost on me. In fact my reaction was “great something cool is happening but I know it’ll be back to boobs, looking up skirts and getting Jail drunk next episode.”

I don’t even know what this show is trying to be.

Does it want to be a pervy comedy? Does it want us to take it seriously?

Why throw in so many cool mysteries just to turn around and hide them behind the most crass and unimaginative jokes you can?

I should be here talking about what I think the helicopter means but instead I’m here wondering why they bothered to do something so cool in such a ridiculously stupid show.

Who even cares at this point?

Who really by this episode was sat there thinking “OMG a helicopter what does that mean?!” and not just exasperated by the bland stupid comedy being forced down our throats?

I’ll be back to giving it a pass next week no doubt but this one just irked me. There was SO MUCH potential for this episode to be amazing and it squandered every chance it was given.

It wasn’t even funny.

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