Inside No. 9 : Misdirection

Episode 4

We have a bit of magic this episode when the greed of one leads him astray.

Let me tell you why I liked this.

It was so obvious yet at the same time I didn’t see it till the end which I think is what good magic is.

Being able to make a that aspect of magic work as a TV show was kind of amazing. The set up was simple yet you never saw it coming. Or you did but not in the way you thought.

That being said there was something about it I just didn’t enjoy all that much.

I didn’t really like the chemistry between Neville and Gabriel, Fionn Whitehead wasn’t really that great in it and whilst I get that the point was that he was meant to be nervy and come over as a amateur in everything he was doing it was kind of off putting.

Specially up against Reece Shearsmith who is always a delight to watch.

Which makes you wonder why after Jenna Coleman was in one episode and barely utilized they did the same with Jill Halfpenny in this episode. She’s barely seen, the story between her and Neville was kind of super weak and it didn’t make me care.

I got that they were married but also forgot by the end of the episode.

As always though it was a well crafted episode. All the pieces slowly fell into place and the bigger picture opened up wide. I don’t think you can call it much of a twist seeing it was kind of obvious what was happening but I liked the ending well enough.

It just felt a bit flat compared to other episodes this series.

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