Doctor Who : The Timeless Children

Episode 10

We made it to the finale with some wonderful highs, a few slight lows but one hell of a Master who is back with his final plan to bring down the Doctor in what has been a action packed Series 12.

Time for Jodie Whittaker and Sacha Dhawan to shine as the two squabbling Time Lords.

Or maybe not.

I really enjoyed most of the episode.

We had some really good moments fighting the Cybermen, some fun and also emotional moments with the companions and the Master was just amazing as Dhawan has been all series long.

For me though the constant need to add things on to the Doctors history is starting to bug me and this need for the Doctor to be so special upsets me. Not in the “I won’t watch it ever again” kind of way but in the why can’t the Doctor just be the Doctor kind of way.

I’ll start with the positives though.

Bradley Walsh when announced as a Companion nearly put me off watching Doctor Who until he had left. I don’t like him. Never have. What he has brought as Graham to the two series he’s been part of I can not even begin to explain, he has proven me totally wrong and I have loved every second he’s been on the screen. He had one of the most emotional and beautiful scenes in this episode where he gives Yas a lovely speech about how she is the most amazing human he’s ever met, letting her know that her strengths and abilities have no gone unnoticed. He then came up with the silly yet so Doctor Whoish way to escape certain death.

He honestly can make me laugh and cry within seconds. Graham is cemented as one of my all time favorite companions and if you had told me Bradley Walsh was going to be one of my favourite parts of Doctor Who before he was in it I would have laughed at you.

All the action scenes were fun. Sure they were bog standard BBC stuff but I enjoyed them. Doctor Who is at its best when it is bog standard but fun.

As for the Cybermasters I do hope that somehow they survived the end of the episode because they were so cool. Of course if they survive hopefully Sacha Dhawan will too and we’ll get another run with his Master at some point with his army of Cybermasters.

If that was all there was to it this would have been one of the best Finales I’ve seen.

Unfortunately it was the Doctors part in the episode that I didn’t like. Which is a shame. I think I even said when the Master mentioned the Timeless Child before that I really do hope it isn’t the Doctor because she just doesn’t need to be anything other then the Doctor.

Unfortunately she is the Timeless Child.

The first true Time Lord mainly because she isn’t from Gallifrey, she was found and brought there, regenerated and then experimented on before her adopted mother spread the gift of regeneration and built the Gallifrey we’ve always known and loved.

Now in itself that doesn’t really DO anything.

We can sit and complain about it but what does it truly change? Nothing. This lifetime of the Doctor is still this lifetime of the Doctor and it isn’t going to change the Doctor in any way for us. It even fits in with the Brain of Morbius story in some ways.

That being said I didn’t like it.

For me the Doctor has always just been the Doctor and I don’t like this continual need to make her more special then she already is. Shes’ now basically the entire reason Gallifrey was what it was, she’s the genetic material behind the entire group that she’s been running from. Every new thing we learn about her doesn’t really add anything and this one was kind of a disappointment.

I would have maybe liked it more if there was room in the story for it to be a lie but with Jo and everything else I guess it is just the Doctor now.

Not only that but I felt like the Doctor gave up.

It wasn’t even one of those giving up moments that lead to something better she gave up and let someone else die to wipe out the Cybermasters and the Master himself.

Sure it was a emotional end to the episode if a little anticlimactic seeing that we don’t really know Ko Sharmus and it felt like we could have known him better before he went and blew himself up but most importantly the Doctor wasn’t smart, she didn’t do anything to save the day all she could do was destroy everything and whilst that happens sometimes I feel like this was the perfect chance of showing how smart she really is.

It isn’t the end of the world like some are making it out but I also don’t like it as a story.

Then she was imprisoned by the Judoon at the end of the episode which will lead into the special.

Overall fantastic series.

Sacha Dhawan and Bradley Walsh constantly stole the show, maybe a little too crowded here and there but overall fantastic.

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