Darwin’s Game : Fragile

Episode 8

Furajairu” (平穏フラジャイル)

We finally end the Event this episode. Will the be able to beat the 8th?

I mean it isn’t the final episode so all signs point to yes.

It wasn’t the most enthralling of episodes if I’m honest. It doesn’t take long before Kaname has interested Wang enough to steal the prize from him and save Ryuji. Their entire conversation was boring, the fact that the real prize was hidden literally where Wang was just seemed over the top and I just didn’t enjoy the end to the event much at all.

Talking to the Game Master wasn’t that interesting either, it was nice knowing that there were ways to beat the game but other then that it really didn’t do much.

Then we go two months into the future and yeah.

I don’t like the growth of Kaname if I’m honest. I think that is one thing that is keeping the series down for me.

We haven’t really seen him go from newbie in the game trying to survive whilst not killing people to whatever OP thing he’s going to be now. His shift in attitude, the kind of forced love story with Shuka and even this semi forced feeling of a Clan just doesn’t sit well.

None of the characters are really that interesting either.

It is hard to care about Kaname trying to befriend the Danjo Boxing Club or this upcoming fight with Danjo. Why should I care? I don’t know anything about the group and Kaname feels like a totally different character. I felt more about the fact his friend who has basically been abandoned by Kaname at this point has been kidnapped by the 8th then I did anything to do with the Clan.

Heck even the Florists daughter finding out he was dead was a better story then anything that had anything to do with the main cast.

This had so much potential and to be fair it still does. In a way this feels like it is setting up for something much bigger going forward but I don’t really care enough to want to find out. Of course I’ll finish the series but at this point I just have no real need to find out what is happening or whether they survive.

Everything just fell a little flat since this Event started.

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