In/Spectre // Kyoko Suiri : She Who Spins Fiction

Episode 8

Kyokō wo Tsumugu Mono” (虚構を紡ぐ者)

We continue to do not much other then talking in this next episode that actually manages to at least get us to the point of a fight. We don’t get that fight and most of what we’re talking about isn’t overly important but it is another episode.

That might seem overly mean to the show in general.

One of its strengths is the fact that it explains everything in great detail, Nanase went from being a problem we thought we might face in a few episodes to a nearly series long nuisance which I guess isn’t a bad thing if it wasn’t for the utterly slow build up to a fight. Kotoko isn’t a nice character and bores the hell out of me, her jealousy over Saki and Kuro is nearly as stupid as her and Kuro’s relationship in general but more on that in a bit.

The fact that this episode really didn’t do much that couldn’t have been done in another episode really irks me.

It feels like we run over pretty much the same ground every single episode, sure new elements are added and this episode focused more on Rikka then Nanase or the others but it was still the same old same old.

Honestly it took the tiniest part of the episode to explain who she is, common sense pointed us towards what she is and whilst we kind of got a idea of what she’s doing it was so vague and utterly boring you have to wonder why they didn’t just tack it on fully to the end of the last episode.

Rikka herself seems like a interesting foe for the team but it has got to that point where you just kind of wish that they’d get this fight over with so we can actually go and see Rikka or fight her whether physically or intellectually instead of just have to sit here every week hearing how brilliant Kotoko is as she slowly and boringly shows off.

Kuro is the man with many strange relationships.

He seemingly is in love with Rikka, his cousin, who as Saki doesn’t have a high opinion of. Of course Kotoko does but seeing this is what Rikka is doing I think I go with Saki’s gut feeling on most things. Kotoko’s continued rudeness towards Saki is starting to grate, I get it that she’s bagged her dream man and knows she’s no match for Saki in the looks department and in some ways in winning over her mans heart but her continued coldness because this world terrifies Saki is enough to want me to see her die a horrible death.

This relationship is the worst thing ever written either.

We get a REAL explanation for why Kuro is here, that being Rikka, meaning even though he showed kindness to Kotoko in the last few episodes and genuinely seemed to worry a little once again we’re back to the first impression that he’s basically agreed to date her for no reason. He doesn’t love her, doesn’t want a relationship, is terrified of having to deal with her, will happily leave her ass with no explanation if it means running after HIS OWN COUSIN yet here he is… Dating someone just because.

His entire character hasn’t really been developed so his feelings, his motivations and everything else is up in the air.

Which leaves Kotoko getting jealous and acting even more like a spoilt brat to wave her dominance over Saki.

This episode felt like it was super dragged out, I was not impressed with it in the slightest. Any kind of momentum that was building for this fight between Kuro and Nanase has kind of withered away and the intellectual battle between Kotoko and Rikka couldn’t bore me more if they tried. I love the concept of the series, I love a bunch of the stories and I do find the whole Nanase story fascinating to watch but it has got to the point where Kotoko has taken over.

Before you say it I get that she’s the main character but what I mean is that even the interesting parts are less interesting because Kotoko is part of it.

Even Saki is starting to wear thin on me because her main point right now is to be the person there to be thick so Kotoko looks smart, to be scared so Kotoko looks cool and to have constantly there for Kotoko to be jealous of even though Saki’s story is much more interesting and her personality is much nicer.

It is just super annoying at this point.

Boss fight next week though.

This week.

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