ID : Invaded : Inside-Outed II

Episode 10

I can never tell if this show is the greatest thing I’ve witnessed, the most boring piece of garbage or a hot piece of trash.

This episode didn’t really help with that.

I like ID : Invaded. Not going to lie I really do.

Some stories have just been much better then others and this one had the potential to be super interesting and has kind of fizzled out into something much more boring.

Last episode was weird but I kind of got what they were trying to say and do with it. I don’t really get what we’re meant to understand from all this, we’re in a ID Well inside a ID Well, are we meant to take what Kiki is saying as the truth of what is happening in the real world? If so we’d have to believe that so many other random things are happening, I do realise that the creator of the machines that drop people into ID Wells was kidnapped and killed so that is how John Walker can do these things but it still doesn’t explain how Kiki knows or anything else.

This episode didn’t help.

There was much talking, a bunch of Narihisago being a emo and then finally him being dragged out of this ID Well and finding out that Fukuda remembers everything, he can’t get Amnesia because of the hole in his head. So he’s obviously working with John Walker in some way and collapses the ID Well they are in, which just so happens to be Narihisago’s in a “end game” state for what purpose I do not know.

I don’t feel like I learnt anything from this episode if I’m honest, it just seemed to do nothing and then throw a twist at the end for no reason which was kind of not that amazing of a twist.

He met up with Hondomachi before being kicked from that ID Well giving her his notebook and I guess the clues to find out who John Walker is but then there was also a really weird montage of him and his family which was pointless seeing we haven’t had any time to bond with him, his family have been dead since episode one and I don’t see the point in it.

Are we meant to be humanizing Narihisago going into the final battle with John Walker?

I mean I found him interesting and felt bad for him without all this bullcrap anyway so it was just another waste of a few minutes in a episode.

Is this meant to shed light on him, who he is and what he did?

If it was then it went totally over my head because it didn’t actually explain anything. I’m getting, and got long before this, that his preferred method of killing was talking people into suicide but that doesn’t really explain what he did in real life, if we’re meant to believe he did much the same then just show us that? Tell us that? Maybe not stick it into a ID Well that we’re not meant to be sure what is right or wrong.

It is another in a long line of shows in the Winter season which felt like it tried to be clever but never really lived up to its own potential.

Now its trying to make out that it ran this really clever story throughout the series and it really didn’t. It has picked up, I’m not saying it hasn’t, but it also spent the last two to three episodes killing its momentum once more.

Who really cares about John Walker? Let me know in the comments because I would love to know how they made you care.

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