Koisuru Asteroid // Asteroid in Love : Winter Diamond

Episode 8

Fuyu no Daiyamondo” (冬のダイヤモンド)

After feeling cheated out of a nice moment for Inose I continue to feel cheated but have moved on a tiny bit.

The competition that Inose entered wasn’t really a important part of the episode. She went there, it was cute, she befriended someone then decided that she had failed after marking herself on the answers.

What it seemed to be there for was to show that she was ready to take things further then either Monroe or Mikage but in the end all it did was fill a gap.

Even when out and about it is rare that either Mira or Ao will take a giant interest in anything she’s interested in and it wasn’t long before the show went back to being all about the two of them with the news that what actually upset Ao and made her miss school was the news that her father is moving for a job and she’s going with him.

Now I get it, Mira and Ao are the main characters but since Mikage and Monroe took a step back from the series due to leaving the club in some ways the show has become really unbalanced.

It isn’t something I can just shrug away as being “what the show was truly about” when it balanced up the two clubs and gave a platform for all the characters to begin with and then swept all that away in the second half by having two members resign and the other turn into a filler character who only gets interesting stories so that we remember that she’s there.

Again the episode wasn’t a bad episode.

I liked spending time with Inose because she’s sweet, seeing how she realised she finds Astronomy easier now thanks to being in the club is nice because that kind of what was being built up in the first half how the two sides of the club were starting to appreciate each other and their passion more as they spent more time together.

Ao’s story is sad but is the necessary drama I guess for the show. That being said it is only episode 8 and it isn’t like they haven’t come up with a answer for this now either.

I liked how we’ve kind of grown the Earth Science club maybe not in number of members but with various add on’s. The Newspaper group, Mira’s sister and even Suzu will show up at a whim to help with the group. It would be nice to see them grow in numbers but seeing other people joining in is fun and gives it a tiny bit more balance then we’ve had so far.

Don’t know how I feel about the story though, in anything else I might find it cute but this just kind of felt like a forced thing to either get them to live together and have a AWWW WHAT A CUTE ENDING or have to come to terms with how they feel. Mira’s reaction to her sister suggesting for Ao to live with them was strange and I just don’t know if it is a story I want to see play out honestly.

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