A Destructive God Sits Next to Me : Sweet Heart Memory

Episode 8

The more we watch this the more I don’t actually understand what the point of it is. Still… Another week and another crazy situation.

I don’t even know at this point whether or not I enjoy it if I’m honest.

Jokes have worn thin, the introduction of characters only leads to snippets of glory before they are worn too thin as a joke. Nothing is moving forward, there isn’t even a hint of us ever understanding Hanadori and at this point Seri being the way he is just is so forced and pointless I don’t get it.

There isn’t anything to get in this series.

It is the same thing every week with a slightly different story surrounding it.

We get that Seri doesn’t want to be friends with Hanadori just he does, we get that he seems to attract the weirdest of people and we get that this is all meant to be hilarious specially when Seri ends up getting angry.

Just it isn’t anymore.

With no development of characters and any apparent development actually just being the same story being wheeled out with the same outcome each time there just isn’t much to say about it this time.

This episode was a prime episode to dive deeper into what is going on with Hanadori, not only did it look like we’d see a serious side to him after getting upset before his speech but when he started suffering from “amnesia” it was the best time to actually either show the real Hanadori or explore why he is the way he is.

What actually happened was it was just another way to have Seri be worried then attack him for whatever reason before going back to square one.

Only this time we ended with Seri deciding he’d rather have Hanadori the way he is then any other way which is a nice concept other then the fact that he didn’t decide to be his friend and nothing will change for the next episode.

Also with so many characters now it is just a mess.

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