Dorohedoro : The All-Star ☆ Dream Game

Episode 7

Ōrusutā ☆ Yume no Kyūen” (オールスター☆夢の球宴)

We have a bit of fun in Dorohedoro this week whilst also actually finding out just who it was that turned Caiman into a Lizard man.

Well Risu into Caiman but you know what I mean.

Drumroll please?

It was Ebisu all along!

Yes that guy in the shop that Nikaido killed has come back to help, in his death En brought up the shop including the Smoke that Eibsu had sold there and after doing some experiments, not that it mattered because the bottle got smashed and we saw just what her smoke does first hand, we find out that it is Lizard transformation.

She transforms, Noi transforms and we even learn of a crazy bird guy being kept in a tower by En that can untransform people.

It was all hugely entertaining yet moved the plot along nicely whilst Ebisu herself and Fujita go to kill Caiman but get distracted by the walking corpse of Matsumara.

Like every episode I can truly say that I loved it.

What I really like is we no longer kind of travel this world through the eyes of Caiman seeing the Sorcerer’s as just being bad. We also see it through the eyes of the Sorcerers and whilst their experimenting isn’t a good thing and they brought the hate in the Hole on themselves for someone like Fujita who hasn’t really got any skill with his magic it must be horrifying going to a place like Hole and seeing Sorcerers corpses hanging around the place.

Neither side are portrayed as being the good side in some ways. We know the Humans just kill to protect themselves but it is a interesting way of presenting everything. As I said last week you kind of have got to the point where you like the Sorcerers a little more then the “main cast”. They’ve had better development, have stronger connections and in this episode it made me real sad when Fujita was told no one wanted to partner with him and whilst Ebisu originally laughed she very obviously wanted to partner with him as she followed him and went along with his “kill Caiman plan” which included joining a baseball team to fight against him at sports.

It was its same old eyegasm of ridiculous things you never knew you wanted to see before and it was glorious for it.

Now though we have to wait and see what happens with Caiman and the Sorcerers. It’ll be interesting to see what comes of all this.

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