Keep Your Hands off Eizouken! : The Grand Shibahama Festival!

Episode 8

We’ve been working towards the Festival, the anime needs to be done and everything needs to be perfect. So did they manage to get it done?

Kind of.

They still got behind, they still failed to finish completely on time but there is a anime and the voice acting just has to be done live. Now all they need to do is make sure enough eyes see it to buy the DVDs.

It was a really hectic action packed episode but I really enjoyed it.

I liked that they had the Mizusaki story running through it with her parents, finally getting them to see how much she loves making anime and even seeing it from their perspective and realising they aren’t as bad as they come over they just have overzealous employees and didn’t get to spend enough time with her to realise what she wanted. They came over as being really nice if a little distant.

Then the Robot Club really got to shine as they helped the Eizouken do their thing. First getting the attention of everyone through “illegal” means then giving the school Security Club the runaround up until the anime had finished playing. I don’t really get why the School Council are so uppity about everything, I guess I understand why they might ban megaphones and rockets but to want to drag everyone off instead of just stopping them seemed a bit over the top.

That being said the anime was a success, it was nice to see that it was even if a whole bunch of people were there just to see Mizusaki.

Kind of sad that the reactions to the anime were a little less highlighted then the other one. Whilst I guess I didn’t want to see them transported into the battle it lost that magic that it had the first time they showed it off just a little bit and it came much more about the action stuff with the Robots and Council then it did about the anime itself or even the characters.

That being said that is only something I thought about at the end of the episode.

This episode had everything it needed to keep you watching and interested, it was fun and fast paced with some great moments in there both comedy wise and character development wise.

I guess now with DVD sales and all the publicity maybe the last few episodes are going to focus on them making their “masterpiece”?

It is nice that whilst they are proud of their work, and they should be, they also know that they can do better. Even Mizusaki’s parents gave her tips about things such as the explosions. There might still be a deadline for them to work to but they’ll be able to work on what they want to work on.

Can’t wait to see what it is!

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