Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun : Donuts

Episode 7

Dōnattsu” (ドーナツ)

We learnt a little more about Hanako in the last episode but what does any of what we learnt really mean?

Right now not a lot and this episode was more about Yashiro coming to terms with what she knows, reminding Minamoto of his place and starting the next chapter of this story.

Much like most shows this week.

Not that we didn’t really know this anyway but we kind of had it confirmed that the people changing the rumours are those that have been kind of stalking Yashiro recently, another trio with what turns out to be Hanako’s brother as their ghostly sidekick. What any of that means we don’t really know right now as it was only the very end that told us their relationship but it is safe to say that some sort of war between the two sides is bound to happen sooner then later.

One side even kind of knows that.

Most of this episode focused on Minamoto though in a strange way.

He found Yashiro feeling sorry for herself and asked for help making donuts in his own weird way of trying to help her open up to him as well as help with her problems regarding Hanako. It is kind of sweet that he has this huge crush on a girl that he already knows likes his brother more and even has a thing for a Spirit over him but he truly wanted to help and it became obvious very fast that he actually knew how to make the donuts and just wanted to spend time helping Yashiro.

Once more we got the reminder that he has a job to do and his brother is keeping a eye on him which makes his older brother much more interesting then you originally think he’s going to be.

By the end of the episode he’s trying to help a spirit out all on his own just for the spirit to go completely crazy on him and start yelling about those Porns.

Which means we’re leading into a Minamoto story next episode hopefully?

I’m not against it. He’s been a welcome addition to the group, he has a truly interesting story going on where his family are making him get rid of the spirits but the more he spends time with Hanako and Yashiro the more he realises that they aren’t the bad guys. There is a part of me that thinks he, with the others, will figure out that the spirits are ran by rumour, I mean he knows all this but give me a second, and that humans are twisting those rumours so gets his brother on side to not only help stop that but maybe make their family job to tell NICE rumours about the spirits going forward?

There is also a part of me that thinks his brother might be part of the other side anyway.

Regardless there is obviously a story behind Hanako that might make him bad beyond help and force his death in the end. There has to be a reason why two brothers are dead and haunting the school and I have a sad feeling he might have killed his own brother for whatever reasons.

At this point Yashiro is by far the least interesting character to stick with. Her story is pretty much done and other then emotional attachment to the boys she only really serves to be the eyes of the audience. She glues the characters together in her own way but I feel stories that center around her will no longer be as fulfilling as those about the boys, not that I want her to go but I feel like it is a good time to shine some light on Minamoto and after the encounter with his brother even maybe Hanako on his own too.

Really good episode though.

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