Magia Record : Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story : You Definitely Shouldn’t Respond

Episode 8

Zettai ni Henshinshicha Dame yo” (絶対に返信しちゃだめよ)

We have the Wings of Magis, Rumours running wild and now Iroha is officially living in Kamihama.

I’ve actually got to the point where there are so many characters who kind of rotate in and out that I’ve forgotten half their names and stories.

Since when did Rena have no friends?

What happened to the group that Iroha originally was hanging with?

I feel like I miss a lot in this show without actually knowing when I missed it but sometimes so much happens that I just completely get lost and that is one of the things that really confused me.

At least in this one the story itself was pretty easy to follow compared to some recently.

We have new rumours, a few of them, all that seem to either be the same thing or foreshadow what is going to happen possibly to Iroha. At one point I thought Rena might be the invisible girl but it sounds like what is slowly happening to Iroha whilst the other Rumour is what they are fighting next episode.

I really liked the radio stuff, having the voice cut in on the broadcast and laughing.

It was meant to be crying but it ended up being laughing and after being kind of saved from it it is time for the group to actually fight the Rumour in the next episode which will be interesting.

Is it the invisible girl or something different?

This wasn’t a bad episode and the series as a whole isn’t bad, I get that I’ve obviously missed something along the way and simple things that might have been explained ages ago end up being kind of confusing to me. I try to keep up but sometimes it just feels like it is being vague on purpose.

It works sometimes though.

This episode did work very well, I feel like that kind of disjointed feeling was very important for it and in some ways very important for Iroha who does feel disjointed after losing her sister but at the same time it can sometimes be just a little too much for me.

I can’t wait for the fight though.

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