Koisuru Asteroid // Asteroid in Love : The Starry Sky is a Time Machine

Episode 7

 “Hoshizora wa Taimu Mashin” (星空はタイムマシン)

Last week the series was on a break of sorts, they had a recap episode that didn’t add anything to the story so we’re back after the bombshell of Monroe and Mikage stepping down as President and Vice President and the appointment of Inose as the new President.

Episode was beautiful, it was sweet and wholesome and everything else you’ve come to expect of Asteroid in Love.

I was super disappointed though.

This episode wasn’t about settling Inose into her position as President and I felt like they missed quite a few moments in the episode to have her do something and feel more confident as well as have her point out that it is the Earth Science group not just the Astronomy Group.

Isn’t this being a bit picky you might say?

Sure, probably. By the end of the episode she seemingly has found something, possibly even Geology related, that she wants the group to do and goes to talk to Endo about it but I still feel this episode kind of left a slightly bad taste in my mouth.

Mira took over, completely.

Sure she is Vice-President and sure her idea was a good one in thought, they were asked to do a viewing party for some kids at night and Mira thought doing it would help Inose settle as President.

Why though?

It became obvious very early on that she was out of her depth. She couldn’t help set up, she knew nothing about the stars and her only reason to be there was to take photos…

It turns out she isn’t even very good at that.

Even when one kid doesn’t really seem that interested in the night sky at all instead of having it a opportunity for Inose to shine some light on how someone who isn’t into that might get into it or even distract her by talking geology with her they had Ao go and awkwardly make a speech about the different things we can learn or do with stars. I have no idea why that would suddenly make a kid more interested in something they weren’t interested in before but it worked and yet was the perfect opportunity for the out of her depth and anxious President to take a stand.

After that they even continued to completely ignore the fact that Inose isn’t that interested in what they are.

When the numbers evened out it didn’t matter so much. Monroe wasn’t out there to get a Asteroid and Mikage obviously was part of the Geology group, now the group is completely skewered with two people with a shared dream and the other not even really being that into that part of their group.

They need new members.

They also kind of need to remember what their group is about.

They also kind of REALLY need to remember that Inose deserves to be treated the same way as Monroe and Mikage and not dragged around to do what they want to do.

Ao isn’t really the problem either, she was the one that actually voiced that it might be too much for Inose and whilst some of the episode focused on Ao getting sick after spending too long in a bath thinking about how to find a Asteroid she seemed the most concerned about Inose at times.

This might just be a turning point episode but whilst I loved the episode at the back of my head I just felt so sorry for Inose and wanted better not just in story from the other characters but as a story.

It wasn’t about her and maybe it should have been. This was the episode that should have been about Inose not any other.

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