Kabukicho Sherlock : The Curtain Rises on the Grand Guignol

Episode 19

Guran Ginyōru no maku wo” (グランギニョールの幕を)

We’re coming to the end of the series and the true nemesis is shining through. What is next for Sherlock as he faces his biggest challenge to date?

First up Mrs Hudson.

I love that she got to shine by being at the concert, the entire booth and the badges throughout the episode on the Detectives really made me smile. She isn’t a super important character by any means but she also kind of is and I love that they managed to work that into their own version of Sherlock because Sherlock without Mrs Hudson wouldn’t be Sherlock at all.

As for the threat having a bomb scare at first felt really flat compared to serial killers and the like but then it turned into some sort of game that actually felt threatening whilst being hilarious.

It was that moment though, that very Sherlock moment where he comes face to face with Moriarty that really won this episode over.

Everything about this entire episode was perfect but that moment was just fantastic.

Moriarty beating Sherlock.

I feel like he might have figured out where the bomb was just too late, it didn’t look like there was a possibility of the guy that was targeted being saved, all the Detectives seemed busy in their own little world doing their own thing and Sherlock was well behind Moriarty at that point. It was a shame though as he had figured it out before in some way and didn’t follow the lead.

Finding out that Moriarty is using hypnotic suggestions and making the escaped criminals do as he tells them with the trigger to suicide being the cops saying the criminals full name was pretty interesting. How long he’s been doing all this is up in the air I think, we’re meant to think it is during his time in prison but that seems like a odd skill to have suddenly picked up specially when he was apparently being beaten up most of the time.

It is obvious that a new game is about to begin with Mary probably being the target.

I can’t wait to see if Sherlock is able to figure it out this time. Moriarty being in his rightful place as Sherlock’s biggest threat makes me all kinds of happy and this version of this character works perfectly.

The finale is going to be amazing.

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