In/Spectre // Kyoko Suiri : Preparing to Conquer the Steel Lady

Episode 7

Haganejin kōryakusen junbi” (鋼人攻略戦準備)

You’d think that they were actually pretty prepared to conquer Steel Lady by this time but they aren’t. We’re still here, still getting our heads around the same old problem and still waiting for them to defeat her.

We might be waiting a while longer.

This is a hard one for me to review.

Was it a bad episode?


Did I enjoy it?


So why is a good episode not enjoyable? I think it is because I don’t really get why they bothered including Saki or much of the story recently when they’ll just push it to the side or forget about it when they don’t want to deal with that anymore.

We have the relationship of Kuro and Kotoko which goes from totally unbelievable to a more big brother, little sister feel before jumping to really uncomfortably normal couple stuff and Kuro stopping his “I don’t like you but I’m dating you” stuff to actually caring for her.

Then you have Saki.

A love triangle of some sort might work but neither Saki nor Kuro seem interested in bringing up their past so they just end up being friends right now but even that seems honestly forced. They obviously still love each other but then don’t because now that doesn’t fit the purpose of the story.

Sticking with the relationship thing and it now looks like he has some weird thing about his cousin Rikka, the one that was in hospital, who looks exactly like Saki and apparently isn’t dead and is behind everything.

Going back to Saki and she is completely pointless in this episode. She doesn’t add anything, she doesn’t do anything and now all she is good for is being the driver for Kuro and helping him look after Kotoko like she’s a kid whilst having to remember that Kuro and Kotoko are meant to be in love.

It is just a bit silly.

Thing is this episode didn’t have anything else going for it.

EVERYTHING that happened in the last episode was kind of ended in the last episode when the Steel Lady killed. Now we were back to square one and the only reason for the episode felt like us having to see how smart Kotoko was.

I was actually really excited whilst Saki was thinking it through to see how she would work it out just for Kotoko to work it out and not even tell us how.

Doesn’t help that she is so unlikable.

Still looks like a little kid dating a adult too.

So many things were kind of interesting in this episode but it was drowned out by the same old conversations, the same old confused signals and the same sad outcome which is being reminded that Kotoko is always right, she always knows what she is doing and we should just deal with it.

It was the first episode I really didn’t like.

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