Doctor Who : Ascension of the Cybermen

Episode 9

We are at the penultimate episode and after giving the Lone Cyberman what he wanted even after the warnings of Captain Jack we are seeing the end of the Cyber wars and what it did to Earth.

What can I say?

This episode started off a little slow for me. Not that it wasn’t action packed but I didn’t instantly care for the new people and even the actual TARDIS Crew kind of didn’t do anything to me.

As soon as those Cybermen marched out of the smoke flanking Ashad I was totally and utterly sold. No words can explain how much good I feel Patrick O’Kane’s portrayal of Ashad has been for the Cybermen who haven’t been scary or even threatening in my opinion since their return to Who.

This time out it was glorious in so many ways.

We didn’t even need to get on the Cyberman ship with the thousands upon thousands of Warrior Cybermen to feel the threat of them, just the handful on the desolated Earth with only 7 survivors, slowly being killed off in the episode, was enough to make me fear the Cybermen.

Is it a sexy look? Of course not, the Cybermen have always been big clunky looking silver men but these felt so much more threatening then the toy robots we’ve come to be used to.

Ashad is scary and he has beaten the Doctor, whilst this is all going to now come back to Gallifrey, the Timeless Children and the Doctor and the Master, who returned and took my breath away once more at the end of the episode, it doesn’t matter because Ashad has stolen the entire story for me.

I don’t care why Gallifrey is burning right now or whether or not the Doctor can save it. I don’t even care about Jo or where this Master comes from.

I’m terrified we’re going to lose Graham or Yas who were last seen in a room about to be overrun by Cybermen though.

Whilst I know neither will probably die it is nice to actually feel like they might.

I loved Matt Smith and his entire era but there was so many times when death just meant nothing, someone would be along to fix the death later on. This series has let people die. Sometimes in a blaze of glory, other times as just a number in the ends of a war but I feel like if someone actually does die now they’ll be dead and that is a scary thought when two companions I care a lot about are stuck in a room with Ashad on the other side of the door.

Trust me when I say that I never ever thought that a Cyberman would terrify me or indeed be a interesting villain for not just a double part ending but actually three episodes in a row but they’ve done it.

So many questions might actually get answered in the final episode.

Why is there two Doctors running around?

Who is this Master?

What is going on with Gallifrey?

Who is the Timeless Child?

I’m hoping they aren’t there to overshadow the Cybermen and the fight the Doctor truly has on her hands to put them to rest.

All I’ve talked about is the Cybermen to be honest but there was a lot to enjoy about this episode afterwards. The characters introduced weren’t all that interesting but I quite liked Ravio, one of the last survivors of the Cyberwar and her relationship with Graham. The two older characters but from different times who just kind of got on with the job. Their chemistry was really fun which makes it even sadder that one or both could really die.

Not only that but the entire second story being shown beside this one which I have no idea what it actually is about right now was super interesting. It cut up the episode in a weird way but in some ways made it better. You don’t know who these characters are or how they relate to the story at hand but you can’t wait to find out.

Who is this kid who can get shot, fall off a cliff and get up like nothing happened?

Not only that but I honestly sat mouth wide open at the sight of all those dead Cybermen floating in space, hearing them clunk off the ship that they were flying in. It was one of the coolest scenes I’ve seen in Doctor Who.

Plus I said above right at the end of the show Sacha Dhawan made his return as The Master. Good Master, bad Master we won’t know till next week but he honestly is such a wonderful character that I can’t wait to see what he has to do with all this. I honestly lept off my chair at his return.

I feel this is going to be a magical finale next week.

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