A Destructive God Sits Next to Me : Blurry Eyes

Episode 7

We hit the festival and they need to hit first place to go bowling and Karaoke! Apparently. According to Homeroom Teacher who seems much too excited about everything.

This was actually a really good episode.

Why it was a good episode is the introduction, or real introduction, of Suzuran Mogami, sister to Kimikage. She’s a little weird too but she’s also super blunt and it was nice to have her kind of force Seri’s hand a little.

It didn’t work but it at least voiced the annoyance of the audience at how Seri acts.

The festival was nothing really, I was expecting more from it but it was really setting up introducing Suzu and her new relationship as the person that can actually bug Tsukimiya then anything else. It let some of the crazies have their moment to shine but I don’t see why their cafe would have won anything if I’m honest with you.

When we got to the second half it was more about Suzu pointing out to Seri and Hanadori what is really going on.

She kind of forces Seri into a position where he has to either admit that he doesn’t want anything to do with Hanadori or come to terms with the fact he actually does. Which he kind of does before he just puts himself right back to square one with everything.

This time out I didn’t mind that.

It was nice having to have Seri actually try and make his mind up and even nicer to see him actually stand his ground and do what was right for a change. Of course there is a part of me that wishes that he would actually get over himself and just give in, there is a lot more soul searching needed to be done but it was good to have a character call him out on the way he behaves.

Other then that nothing really happened and it was pretty bog standard stuff.

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