VOD // Danganronpa : Trigger Happy Havoc Chapter 3 in full

We have more Danganronpa for you.

A near on 7 hour stream and we got our first on stream follower (most of our followers are friends or came when we posted about it on here) so that was fun!

Danganronpa always brings in some people to chat, it is still a super popular game and the one we get the biggest audiences for. It was also the chat where Povey (Sean) got himself modded so he could watch over himself.

As I said a few times on stream I never think these are going to go anywhere. They started off as a experiment to see if it helped with anxiety and problems speaking to people and in a way they proved that, now they are just fun and also allow me to spend long periods of time playing games without feeling guilty that I’m not doing 20 other things. With more time on my hands soon (VERY SOON!) having one big day of streaming and a few smaller streams when I finish other stuff I should be able to play many more games for longer periods which will make me happy.

As such I do need to put some effort into the channel not because I think it’ll get me anywhere but because I should show pride in something I want to do even if it is just for fun!

Plus it is kinda fun having people in chat to talk to and being on the other side of it all for a change you know?

So if you wanna come hang out please do! Give us a follow over on https://www.twitch.tv/awerka89 

Next stream is Monday (no time) we’ll be tackling the next Danganronpa chapter because heck do I need to get through that thing!

Talk to us!

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