The Case Files of Jeweler Richard : The Jade of Succession

Episode 7

Uketsugu Hisui” (受けつぐ翡翠)

We’re back to that awkward phase of not knowing whether Seigi being kind is good or bad whilst at the same time having difficult and weird conversations with Richard that lead us nowhere.

I like the show quite a bit as you might have gathered but unfortunately it continues to be all over the place.

We have a kind of in between feeling episode where we seemingly have been promised more information on Richard but instead of diving into a flashback or meeting anyone who wants to elaborate we get to see Seigi get a hint at Richards troubled past.

Or at least at another past that seemingly isn’t anything to do with him being a con man.

That I guess in itself was interesting. Shin Ganapati Bertuccio wasn’t a nice character but he also wasn’t a awful character. He’d obviously seen something of what Richard had done in his past life and was very wary of him but then again they were also rivals in the unsuspecting cut throat world of Gems. There wasn’t really enough of him, enough interaction or anything else to make a real impact on us because his main purpose seemed to be to rile Seigi up to open Richard’s eyes to the fact that he likes him?

This episode was about buying a 200 year old Jade that was being sold off in auction but that really was just a back seat to the above hints at Richard’s past as well as…

Seigi confessing he likes Richard and that making Richard see him in a different light?

Again there were plenty of nudges at Seigi being too nice, is he a philanthropist or a coward because he wouldn’t push Richard into telling him secrets about his life as well as Richard just out right saying it both as a insult in some ways as well as a compliment.

In fact Seigi’s friendliness and need to do what is right seems perfectly fine when he is doing it to stick up for Richard and only bad when it is used in any other way.

There is such a weird undercurrent in this show as well.

We constantly have to have Seigi tell us how pretty Richard is and now Richard has to get all flustered and overly happy to hear Seigi likes him. I got so confused by half of what was happening in the episode from Richard bringing up kissing as some sort of weird metaphor for Seigi being kind enough not to pry into his past to the constant reminders of how pretty Richard is or how they “feel” about each other.

It kind of ruined the episode for me because it felt like it was trying to say something but never did.

Probably because it isn’t actually important to say it.

This show is confusing for many reasons. Every story is simple, every character is interesting but they go with the weakest ending to every story and continues with this ridiculous relationship between Richard and Seigi that isn’t really that healthy to be honest.

I’d rather they were just gay and got on with it.

That might be the weirdest sentence I ever will write and I don’t want to offend anyone by saying it but I honestly just felt like screaming that at the TV at the end of this episode because boy did it wind me up.

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