Somali and the Forest Spirit : The Footsteps That Stalk the Witches

Episode 7

Majo ni sugaru ashidori” (魔女に縋る足取り)

We’re off to meet witches to find out more about Humans. Hopefully.

Just it wouldn’t be Somali and the Forest Spirit without something horrible happening and this week at least wasn’t something super emotional but instead a giant book eating ghost fish attacking.

OK I lie there were some emotional bits like the final goodbye to Haitora and Uzoi, finding out that we’re down to just over 300 days for Golem to survive and the one and only book that could tell Somali and Golem anything about humans being devoured by said giant ghost fish.

Oh and Somali cried and I feel a million hearts died.

Are we ready for when Golem actually dies? For whatever is in Somali’s future? I think not.

It was one of those episodes that slowly transitioned us from one story to the next. We’ve been with Haitora and Uzoi for a few episodes and now it isn’t just about travelling but getting some concrete information on humans in general. Golem knows he needs to know more about them and even Somali is now asking questions after finally meeting another human but they can’t just have easy answers.

Next they need to see the only person who ever read the book, the Head Librarian.

I liked the episode, it was kind of chill but still had those big Somali moments that make you feel a lot of feels before realising you don’t know how you ever felt happy before this show and you know you’ll never feel as sad as when it ends. I say every week it is a emotional roller coaster and it truly is, from the beauty of the animation to the music and the story itself everything is designed to make you fall in love with this sweet little kid and a Golem that is just trying to be a dad.

Just as always we know it isn’t going to end with happiness.

We’re REALLY getting those reminders now though what with more and more of Golem breaking off.

Thing is I never want this to end either. Not just to avoid heartbreak but just because I don’t want the stories to end. The people they meet, the things that happen to them it is such a lovely story that knowing the end is rapidly approaching is sad in more ways then one.

I could go on adventures with Somali and Golem for pretty much forever just to explore everything in their world. For me this show works best when it is about Golem adapting to being a father to a human child, seeing him have to deal with very real problems that new parents have to deal with is kind of sweet and seeing him slowly grow attached to her whilst not understanding that how he feels is actually… You know… Feeling is one of the most wholesome and joyous things you can watch.

Knowing it’ll end in any fashion is heartbreaking.

Knowing it’ll end in tears is devastating.

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