Plunderer : It was Delicious

Episode 7

Umakattayo” (美味かったよ)

The review of the episode might need to wait because I’ve had a thought.

Is Licht immortal?

OK I’ll leave that bombshell and actually talk about the episode first shall I?

There isn’t really much to say about it, we had all the major characters reunite in a silly way with the girls fighting over who gets Licht.

Lynn creates a beautiful vegetable stew for him whilst Hina goes out and kills a bunch of animals, picks a load of toadstools and sticks it all together singing that she hopes it’ll be yummy and it apparently really is.

All good fun.

Jail shows up and there is a short fight before Nana puts them all in their place and there is drinking and the episode ends where it began with Nana, Hina and Licht running from Jail, Jina and Pele.

Nothing important happens, nothing happens at all really and it was just a nice way to show off how silly some of the show really is but that isn’t really a bad thing.

What if Licht is immortal though?

I don’t know how you get the number that you are stuck with but he works TIRELESSLY to get his number as low as possible. He has two women who seemingly love him yet does stupid stuff like trying to look up Hina’s skirt to annoy her and thus be rejected again.

Plus it seems off as well that she HASN’T rejected him but his number doesn’t go up, all she has to do is get annoyed and reject him looking at her pants once and it’ll go down.

What if the Ballot actually means you live forever?

What if he’s trying to get his count down past his ballot so that he can finally die after seeing people he cares for die constantly?

I honestly can’t really get past the whole number thing if I’m honest with you, it really confuses me that someone would act the way that Licht does with his number that low when he’s actually not unattractive and is quite a nice guy. There has to therefore be a reason.

It has to have something to do with Ballots else why else would they also be illegal?

I get that trade in them would be ridiculous as they give people the ability to not be dragged to the abyss by losing their count but there has to be SOMETHING else for them to be this negatively thought of.

Licht’s behaviour, plus the Ballots and the weird number shit just leave me wondering what the full story is because we aren’t seeing it.

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