BOFURI : I Don’t Want to Get Hurt, so I’ll Max Out My Defense : Defense and Upgrades

Episode 7

Bōgyo Tokka to Kyōka.” (防御特化と強化。)

There was leveling that needed to be done but there was also quests to go on, things to gather and Kuromu talking to Syrup.

It was a really fun episode not least because it was a constant reminder that we are in fact in a video game.

From that hectic grind to NPCs that spout the same dialogue no matter how you do their quest it was a masterclass in all those little things that make RPGs and games in general so much fun, yet at times the biggest ball ache in the world.

It was nice for the episode to allow us to see the others work a little whether it was with Maple, like May and Yui, or on their own, Kuromu, the only shame is that they didn’t come together to do group training of adventures which I do hope will happen sooner then later. That being said again it is the perfect presentation of Guilds in games where everyone just goes off and does their own thing until a event that requires a fully team show up.

That really is what is happening as well.

All this leveling and item grinding is all about waiting out the time between this event and the smaller event before the big Guild Quest.

That should be fun.

In some ways it was a slow episode but it had that boundless charm every episode has. Seeing them level up, seeing Maple cheese her way through a difficult quest line and luck into some of it and then that reminder that Maple will always be ridiculously OP and above everyone even in her Guild just made it as fun and silly as every episode before it.

As a Guild they kind of work. They have different personalities, different interests, play styles and even experience. Even through small peaks here and there this week you could see that they will make a great team.

Even without Loving Sacrifice which basically makes the entire group invincible.

That being said the other Guilds know what Guilds to keep a eye on and Maple Tree has one huge target on their backs for the big Guild Event.

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