Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun : The 4 O’clock Library

Episode 6

16-ji no Shoko” (16時の書庫)

Another Wonder approaches, this time it is the 4 O’Clock Library, it also turns out not to be that scary or dangerous either which is a nice change.

Turns out that the Fifth Wonder is actually a teacher, Tsuchigomori is kind of laid back and grumpy in his own way but he means no harm on anyone. The library itself can be dangerous if you can’t follow the rules which of course Yashiro doesn’t do because she’s a moron.

Don’t read the red books, yet she see’s a read page and just reads on anyway.

This episode did two things. First up it showed that the Wonders really do respect Hanako and the crazy things that are happening are happening because they have a traitor spreading malicious rumours that are causing the Wonders and other Spirits to be violent.

Seeing 2 and 5 both “working” with Hanako was fun, they also have such unique and weird personalities that it was hilarious watching them butt heads time and time again. Tsuchigomori unfortunately ended up being my favourite character in the entire series in one outing and not just because of his dry way or being a grump.

He also just so happened to be a big part of the second part of this episode.

Learning about Hanako.

We now know his name, know he was a student at this school that wanted to go to the moon but more importantly we know that he tried to re-write his book in the Library and change his future and was the only kid that did it and survived.

Though what he changed it too we don’t know.

It was a nice chill episode after a few stories that ended in big fights, it was nice to just have a Wonder not care about what happened. Maybe it helped that the rumours were more based on the books and their contents and not the actual Wonder himself or even the entire point of him being a teacher is so that he can control his own rumours so he can’t be effected.

Either way it was a nice change of pace that was kind of needed but it also was super wordy.

It’ll be interesting to see how many other Wonders just give in to Hanako and his plans to destroy all the Wonders, Tsuchigomori used to be Hanako’s teacher so in a way had a soft spot for him, 2 had no choice so going forward we’ll be trying to destroys others that maybe don’t have a interest in giving up their power just because there is a traitor among them.

It’ll be nice for not every encounter to be violent but then again the encounters tend to be super interesting so maybe just keeping them unique and not getting boring and having them easily talked in whilst also not needing to fight them all the time is the right way to go. Either way it’ll be fun to meet more of them in the future.

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