Sorry – Another Stream

So first up I want to apologise for being late with a bunch of stuff. I, as people now know, stayed up for over 30 hours the other day and my sleep schedule has not really been good to me. Plus I’ve been doing slightly weirder hours at work this week and been trying to stream a few days every week as well.

We are now pretty much up to date, I promise tomorrow is a website day, mainly because even if I hadn’t already marked this as a stream day I have a headache and can’t concentrate on writing anymore now, and I’ll get Pet, the anime highlights and today’s anime out after I get home from work.

Good news!

My hours are changing, if my newest rota is anything to go by I might now have 4 days off of work instead of 2. I have a few big gaps coming up too where I have 3 days off in a row, luxurious as that sounds and I’m hoping to get my sleep under control and use this new time for myself well to maximise the good work we stared with and I’ve let up.

Other good news.

We doing more Danganronpa in a bit. Making some noodles, getting some drinks and all set up and then join me over on Twitch for another chapter of Danganronpa! Later then I wanted but I wanted to get as much done today as possible.

Come join us and give us a follow to know when I’m live!

Talk to us!

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