Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken! : I Have To Do It For Myself

Episode 7

Watashi wa Watashi o Sukuunda!” (私は私を救うんだ!)

This week we get a little better look at Tsubame and what makes her tick, what made her want to be hyper realistic in her drawings and how she see’s her own work as well as her relationship with her parents.

I liked the look into Tsubame’s life. Seeing how she became obsessed with movement, her relationship with her grandmother and even how she used that love of movement and drawing to help her grandmother as she gets older to get up and move around. So far her character has kind of been too similar to Asakusa’s in so much as they are both perfectionists that can’t work to a deadline just with the added spice of being the rich girl.

Now we see where her passion comes from and even though she’s now more understandable there is still a part of me that wishes people would listen to Kanamori.

All this series has done so far is time and time again shown us that sure these two geniuses are super passionate about realistic artwork, animations that make sense and everything else, we see Asakusa take on redoing a bunch of the Art Clubs work because she was upset with the end product, but they also don’t realise that if they don’t meet a deadline then no one will ever actually see the end project.

In fact there won’t be a end project.

Now in the perfect world a animator, writer, musician etc will have all the time in the world to perfect their work so that the people paying for it will get the best quality possible. Thing is even if that is the dream of the club when you have a deadline when it has to be finished there is no point just continuing to work on it over and over and getting upset that one scene isn’t 100% perfect when that can lead you to just never having the film finished in the first place.

That being said it was nice to see her super excited and kind of get over her point of view to Kanamori.

All the little parts are coming together from the sound to the art to even the voice acting. Seeing how big scale this all ends up is pretty amazing but remembering that the hardest work is truly coming from the club is important too. Whilst others are working hard for their part they can switch it on and off during their club hours whilst the girls are always behind due to how much they have to do and how little time they have to do it.

Either way it is starting to look super cool.

Also loved the stuff in the bathhouse, sometimes I do wish we got more chill episodes with them all just hanging out because they have such weird personalities that clash so badly yet somehow it all pulls together to make them a formidable grouping.

That being said I just want to see what the film ends up looking like too.

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