ID : Invaded : Desertified

Episode 8

We still have Hondomachi stuck in Kiki Asukai’s ID-Well, we have Momoki under investigation and now we will have to see Narihisago and Fukuda work together.

It is starting to heat up in ID : Invaded.

This is the most frustrating episode of all.

It was so slow as it built up to Sakaido and Anaido finding the Mizuhanome with the ID-Well for Kiki Asukai connected to it. Of course it ends with Sakaido sitting in the chair, Momoki trying to get those interrogating him to extract the two claiming it a trap and us left really wanting to know just who Asukai is, what is going on and how the heck Momoki knew it was a trap.

Well I guess a educated guess is the answer to the last but lists do best in threes and I had run out of things to put down.

In a way this episode was kind of boring but it was also so fascinating to see Sakaido and Anaido talking through what was happening. All Three Brilliant Detectives have their own way of doing things and only two of them manage to survive and you can see why. I don’t know if it is just because Fukuda isn’t actually a Brilliant Detective or just that his style of “detecting” hasn’t actually played off well yet but whilst Sakaido thought his way through the problem and looked for clues anywhere he could we saw Anaido just want to rush to the end game as fast as possible.

There were only moments that were super interesting in their working outs but they were enough to make me super angry that we weren’t going to see inside the other well yet.

As a episode it did its job, I’m now impatiently waiting to find out what happens next, I don’t want to wait a week to know I want all the answers now and that was the only job this episode really had because in general this episode was empty.

Like the ID Well which was a desert.

Nothing really happened, there was talking, bonding, hypothesizing and the rest of it but none of what was said was really important to the story as a whole. That being said the story was so integral in building hype surrounding the next episode. I was angry when the episode ended and I didn’t get answers but not angry in the whole “I’m not watching anymore” angry in the right way.

Angry in the “we finally are going to see who this person is but of course that is a cliffhanger” way.

So not the strongest of episodes but such a important one.

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