Define Worth ~ The Sweet Message Left Behind The After School Dice Club

Anime is a beautiful thing.

Whilst some can be the stereotypical women with giant breasts, creepy monsters doing creepy things and random Japanese craziness so many get overlooked that have simple yet lovely messages to share.

One such anime is the wonderful After School Dice Club, a show that came out Fall 2019 that focused on the lives of four girls who just loved Table Top Gaming.

That message was basically how you can not define worth.

Not in the general sense, not in a way to truly have a list of things that are worthy or not worthy.

Worth, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder and is a message so many more people need to hear.

I say this as a geek. Someone who watches Twitch and YouTube videos whilst playing games on my laptop or PS4 or Switch (or any retro console I own) and get told people don’t understand how I can waste my life on these things.

These same people sit in front of the TV every day to watch the newest episode of Love Island or Eastenders which to me could seem just as crazy.

What people don’t seem to get is that what makes you happy has worth. To me watching my favourite Streamer is my chill time. I get to watch someone whose presenting style I genuinely vibe with playing games I either love or would never play myself whilst hanging in a chat room with people just happy to be watching the same thing. Video Games challenge me every day whether it is a puzzle game or a strategy game, they are good for stress relief after work or to take my mind off of the bad times.

To me they are some of the most worthy things I have in life yet others scoff at the idea of them having any worth at all.

In After School Dice Club the Vice-President of the School Committee doesn’t see why Board Games are worthwhile to anyone. She doesn’t see the joy they bring, she doesn’t understand why someone would rather play them then do what she does and because of that she sees no worth in something that was bringing others joy.

By the end of the series I think she learnt her lesson in the politest way without ever admitting to it but it was a nice message for everyone to hear as one of the main characters stood up to her and told her straight up just because they are of no worth to you doesn’t mean they don’t have worth.

I think the world would be a better place if people believed that.

Now I’m not talking about big moral things, I’m not talking about things that do harm to others but if we could just stop judging the things we watch, the things we do in our spare time or indeed just the things that make people happy I think we’ll be happier ourselves.

Do I need to know why you love watching a soap opera to understand that you love it?

No I don’t. My best friend watches Countryfile and Casualty whilst I get bored to death by the small bit of Countryfile I have to watch on a Sunday night just before Doctor Who but those things mean the world to him so of course they have worth.

On the other side of it all we live in a society that tries to put on a scale what is worth being upset over.

You might have (make that 100% have) heard the whole “someone has it worse off then you somewhere in the world” saying to stop someone who is having a hard time banging on about their problems which might to you seem pointless.

Why cry over your small problems when the entirety of Australia is on fire?

One of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever heard was “if it is important enough to make you upset then it isn’t silly” because there is no scale on what is worth being upset about or worth liking or worth anything. People decide whether they care or not based on their own judgement but that doesn’t mean your problems aren’t important or worthy of empathy from others.

Most people like to think of themselves as open minded, caring and considerate but don’t think when they can’t see the importance or it or empathizes with it on a personal level that it is important or has any worth in it.

That isn’t how the world truly works though.

Enjoy what you want to enjoy, love what you want to love but never look down on someone for what they like or how they feel.

All that from a anime about girls playing board games.

So to spread some positivity around why don’t you let us know some things that you love! Share in the comments things that you care about that others usually don’t understand and lets share some love!

Already said mine, I love spending my free time watching my favourite streamers, chilling and enjoying other people’s company and a game I no doubt will suck at!

Talk to us!

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