Dorohedoro : The Mushrooms Are Ready // The First Smoke // Manhole Elegy

Episode 6

Kinoko no Yama wa Tabezakari” (キノコの山は食べ盛り) // Hajimete no Kemuri” (はじめてのケムリ) // Manhōru Erejī” (マンホール哀歌 エレジー)

Nikaido is off to find Risu who she doesn’t know is actually Caiman before he was Lizardified. That means going through En and his family first.

Which ends with the whole bunch of them being turned into Mushrooms to various degrees when En gets hit in the face and loses his temper which was hilarious.

I really enjoyed this episode but at the same time I can honestly say that it wasn’t as good or as fun as the other episodes.

Nikado’s fight against all of En’s minions was cool as hell and as I said them being turned into Mushrooms was a interesting touch but nothing really came of that. Naturally Nikado had to end up at the hospital where she was de-mushroomed giving the Doctors time to tell Caiman the story of Shin which was freakin’ interesting as hell. We then ended with a half hearted story about someone who was taking the black balls out of sorcerer practice’s and had kidnapped Nikado for that purpose mainly to tell us that humans were trying to become Sorcerers and it was on the rise.

All together it sounds really interesting.

Problem is Nikado’s fight through the mansion and En’s breakdown could have been given a little more time, Shin’s story was told brilliantly but other then him sneezing to indicate someone was talking about him there wasn’t really anything with him after that which was a shame and the last bit just felt so tacked on it makes me wonder why they bothered.

At this point I kind of want to focus more on the Sorcerers.

I love Caiman and Nikado but their story for now has stagnated and we learn more about them through the Sorcerers then we do when following them around. That isn’t to say I want them gone but there is just so many more interesting stories happening with the Sorcerers who also have the numbers game and some really fantastic personalities and chemistry. They hang out in cooler locations and generally are more fun to be around.

Shin’s story made me like him as a character even more and I kind of just wish we spent more time with him.

That being said I liked how it linked back to the hospital and even background characters in this show are memorable and you enjoy having them around. I think the episodes just need to be better set out maybe?

Still one of the most random yet amazing experiences you can have.

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