Star Trek : Picard : The End is the Beginning

Episode 3

You want to know what happened after the Synths attack? How Picard ended up out of Star Fleet?

Well we have it here.

We also apologise this review is late as I honestly believed I had done it and posted it, I don’t even have a draft of it. There is no record of me even thinking of writing about this episode. I failed, I apologise (episode 4 is done and ready at this current second…)

This review isn’t going to be the best I’m afraid but I’ll do my best with it.

One thing this episode really showed off was the ability of making you care about characters. Those on the Borg Cube aside a little bit and everyone else in Picard’s little sphere right now are just so interesting that you can’t help but be invested in them heavily from nearly the moment they are introduced.

Raffi for instance, I don’t know much about her but I saw her reaction to Picard in the last episode and learning why she might react the way she did to him becomes so apparent. You feel for her the same as you do Picard, maybe even more knowing that he chose his path, he walked out and away from this entire thing whilst she got pushed as nothing more then his sidekick in a mission that the Federation wanted to distance themselves from.

Of course half of this is the cast is just fantastic, Michelle Hurd was breathtakingly good when reading Picard his rights, but it also is just the way the character of Picard is.

He listens, he cares and sometimes he cares too much. He’s got his flaws, major flaws, but he doesn’t hide them and is humble.

He lets people talk at him even when they are angry and his mission right now is super important to him but so are the people he is coming into contact with. Just because he’s bad at being there for people, because he’s hidden in anger and guilt, doesn’t stop the fact that now that he’s been shaken awake he will hide from his mistakes.

Also there is much I want to say about Santiago Cabrera as Rios but I won’t because anyone who was here during the Musketeer years will know how much I love that actor and he is still as fantastic in this as he is in everything else I’ve ever seen him in.

I’m still struggling a little to care for those on the Borg Cube but at least the survivors that are being saved there are giving us a little to work with.

Soji talking to the Reclaimed Romulans and driving her to the brink of killing herself, naming Soji The Destroyer, was fascinating. Romulans hate Synths anyway and I guess those who have been hooked up to the collective can probably see past her as who she really is. She’s part of a prophecy and I guess with Dahj’s death it is coming true.

We end with Picard with a crew on their way into space which is all I wanted.

Rios as the captain, Raffi joining, Jurati killing someone to save Picard and also forcing her way onto the ship…

I loved this episode so much and I’m sorry the review is so shoddy.

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