Star Trek : Picard : Absolute Candor

Episode 4

We are finally in space with Picard and as always we learn just a little more about the events that led to where he is now. Those sad, sad events.

I mean it too.

Growing up I looked at Picard and the Doctor as two of my Fantasy Heroes. They believed in peace and helping others and this episode reminded us of that important fact, not that any episode hasn’t. Every episode reminds you that he so truly tried to help the Romulan’s and even gained bonds with the Warrior Nuns as well as a boy that they had adopted called Elnor.

Unfortunately when the Federation let the Romulan’s down we know they also let Picard down and then didn’t care if he left in protest.

His return to Vashti, the planet the refugees live on, was a hard return to watch.

His relationship with Elnor was really sweet. A young boy who looked up to Picard who was kind of stuck with the Warrior Nuns, grew up with their ways always obviously sad and angry that Picard just left him on his own. When Picard had to sit and tell his story to win Elnor’s sword that moment where he talked about how much he’d missed Data and Elnor asked if he missed him broke me it really did. You felt so sorry for him when Picard didn’t take the hint when he asked why he wanted Elnor to go with him and instead went for the obvious technical option instead of the emotional one.

Picard’s regret, how he feels about his biggest failure.

That in itself is such a wonderful story that is being told in this series.

I really like him as a addition to the crew. I enjoy the chemistry on the ship so much, I really like how Jurati is so oblivious to things. Alison Pill has been fantastic all season, I love watching her wander into meetings above her head, asking for explanations to things that we the audience want answered too and her reactions are spot on. She effortlessly annoys people without actually annoying them, Rios and Raffi have pasts that they are fighting whilst Jurati has no clue about any of that which just makes her a little ball of optimism and intrigue.

Honestly the entire cast are just wonderful. Well nearly all of them.

Then you have the Borg Cube and I’m kind of fed up of Soji and Narek if I’m honest.

Their relationship is not interesting at all, I’m kind of not that interested in Narek and what he is up to and can see a mile off that he’ll probably “change his mind” and join Picard and the rest because he’s fallen in love with Soji, he isn’t a good spy at all and he also doesn’t hide the fact that he’s actually falling in love very well from his sister.

Not only that but as good as Isa Briones could be she’s not been given anything as Soji to make me like her. INSTANTLY I loved Dahj and cared for her safety, her death in the first episode actually hurt me and I hadn’t known her that long. Four episodes in and I couldn’t care one way or the other for Soji herself. This itself isn’t making me care about the Borg Cube or anything she cares for because I just don’t care.

Though props to her, she has some very subtle nods to Data like the head tilt when someone is explaining something to her she doesn’t understand. When Narek pointed out that Borg had rituals it made me laugh because it was such a Data reaction.

Just… Give me Seven of Nine in bucket loads next week please?

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