Smile Down the Runway : Superiority and Inferiority

Episode 6

Yūetsukan to Rettōkan” (優越感と劣等感)

We have a big competition for Tsumura and it is about time he actually put his talent to good use and come up with something for top model Sara.

For the first time in a while this episode actually showed a little bit of both Tsumura’s life and Chiyuki’s and I don’t think I enjoyed it much.

Their worlds are about to collide though with Chiyuki ending up on a photo shoot with Kokoro.

This is the thing, Chiyuki is so inconsistent as a character that we’re back to nice, human Chiyuki this week after weeks of her being a bitch or just nothing much and we’re meant to care. This also came AFTER we saw Tsumura get through not only the first round but to the finals of the competition he’s in.

I guess first I can say that I liked the twist in the competition in that if you had belief in your design and didn’t bother to meddle with it after being critiqued you got through to the next round.

Why I like it is because I think it was a positive message to send.

You’ll get critique on your work but something like fashion is also very subjective. Someone might not like stripes or short sleeves and therefore see a piece of clothing as horrid whilst someone else loves that style and would wear it every day.

Not only that but Tsumura used really cool reasoning by doing his research, he saw that Sara never posts anything online of her in pajamas or the like so he created pajamas that he thought she would like to take a photo of to put online. It was a really clever idea and he was even praised, behind closed doors, for realising that she liked stripes too.

I didn’t get the entire thing about him using cheap materials and it apparently being bad for him to think about his sisters over work.

I also kind of didn’t like that he was upset he didn’t come first when he has had no training and just doesn’t come over as the over the top competitive type.

It wasn’t a surprise the second it was announced three people would skip to the finals that he would be one of them but it also just kind of left a weird feeling for me. I get he’s meant to just be born for this role but something isn’t clicking when it comes to that being shown.

As I said Chiyuki is a waste in every episode for me now.

She has now made contact with Niinuma, the small reporter from the fashion show, who inadvertently gets her the job with Kokoro but them all coming together was probably the only good thing about having her on screen.

Oh and that she’s finally called Tsumura her friend.

I just don’t like her.

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