Magia Record : Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story : I Want to Go Home With You

Episode 7

Issho ni Kaeritai” (一緒に帰りたい)

I got lost in the last episode, that was very simple for everyone to see. This series has been super interesting but I feel like so much was happening and we’re still getting new characters with new motivations popping up that it feels hard to keep up at times.

We’re getting there though.

Or maybe not.

What seems to have happened is a bunch of Magical Girls ran by Mifuyu, the friend of Yachiyo, calling themselves the Wings of Magius have appeared. They seem to be using the power of Rumours, are able to control Witches in some way and produce those Witches that Iroha managed to produce and seemingly want to wipe out all Witches for the salvation of the Magical Girls.

They were the ones who made up the Owl Water stuff and seemingly wanted to control some of the Magical Girls by reminding them that after drinking it they needed to continue drinking it and Wings of Magius will keep giving it to them if they stick by them.

Thing is, as was pointed out in the episode, everything seems way too vague.

I don’t deny that I can get behind the idea of destroying all Witches but I’m not sure even the smartest of person believes that would save all Magical Girls. At the end of the day when Witches disappear from areas those Magical Girls still need Grief Seeds and that is why they are all coming to Kamihama so what happens if all Witches are gone?

Not only that but by harvesting the power of Witches and living so close to the edge are we sure their idea is to save people from the Witches or are they somehow corrupt?

It is all good and nice to sit there and say that what you are doing is for the best of Magical Girls but that is pretty much what every villain says and the Wings of Magius have already proven that they aren’t in anyway helping people but themselves. They trick girls into drinking water that make them lucky for 24 hours or over 24 things and then after that they need to drink more and the only suppliers of said water? Wings of Magius.

They preyed on Felicia who was weak due to being young and having her family murdered in front of her by a Witch and there are probably plenty of others they do the same to.

Who are they really and what do they want?

I dunno yet.

It was a nice ending with both Felicia and Iroha moving in with Yachiyo, the final lucky thing spent by Iroha. It makes the series easier because now they have a base and there isn’t going to be that whole question of why Iroha is able to just move between her city and Kamihama so easily. Now she’s there and she’s there to stay I guess until she’s found her sister or at least brought down the Wings of Magius.

Still 100% better then Madoka Magica.

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