Kabukicho Sherlock : Lots of Animals

Episode 18

Dōbutsu takusan desu” (動物たくさんデス)

Are we about to truly see the face of Moriarty?

As he rises in fame is there something behind it all? Specially seeing his father wanted him dead originally.

What I really liked about this episode was that it showed Sherlock being suspicious of Moriarty all the way through. We saw him obsessed with the news reports of the suicides of criminals in the last episode but we actually saw him give those side eyes to Moriarty in this episode and out think him in the end getting there just in time to see how whatever it is he’s doing he managed to talk them into suicide.

As for the case it was nice to have it kind of come back to a old case.

That is of the Momotaro band.

Pheasant is still in prison for murdering the front man but three fans decided to go out and attempt to kill Moriarty, Sherlock and John for doing this to their favourite band.

It had its fun moments, it had some interesting action scenes but the biggest part just literally was seeing a different side of Moriarty.

Is he the mastermind behind all of this and if so why? Is it to help his father or is he using his father too? How is he making people commit suicide?

After watching the end bit with Sherlock seeing him in a photo of the girls going to the other band that he professes to likes concert did he even talk them into the entire plot? Their conversation at the end means a whole bunch more when you realise that they probably knew Moriarty before all this.

Is he starting a cult or something?

I like how it had Sherlock act normal around him just to suspect him, I even really loved the ending when Moriarty chased after the girls and Sherlock instantly went after them.

This might have been the fight I’ve been waiting for this entire time.

There is so many things I can say about this series honestly. It has been one of the strangest things I’ve ever sat down to watch but when it wants to get serious it does it better then most shows. It is one of the most out there versions of Sherlock Holmes I’ve ever seen but at the same time it is now one of my absolute favourites.

Kind of hope it’ll take the entire crew to bring down Moriarty but the story is always usually about Sherlock going after him so I expect fireworks from them two.

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