In/Spectre // Kyoko Suiri : Logical Fiction

Episode 6

This story seems to be going on for forever, the more we learn the more interesting it gets but we’re getting further from actually defeating Nanase with every single episode. We at least figure out a way to defeat her this episode.

Again it is super interesting hearing what is happening.

Seeing the investigation come together, seeing them try to figure out what happened to Nanase and even in this episode go to the murder site and meet with a “witness” to get the true story. It is sad that she basically just accepted her fate and it seemingly was a accident, she was there because she was smoking and as a minor it was illegal. No funny business seems to have happened, of course that is unless her sister pushed them and the ghost just didn’t see, her sister definitely seems to have something to do with the website or at least is watching over it.

That being said the more time goes by the more I dislike Kotoko.

I don’t even in the smallest way believe in the relationship she has with Kuro, it felt forced and silly when it happened and even more so now. It feels very much like he feels stuck because of who he is but I guess I could be wrong with that.

Why I bring this up is because it makes Kotoko even more dislikable as she tries to rub it in Saki’s face that Kuro is now hers when there is nothing believable about their relationship.

It just feels like a odd direction to go.

Specially as it makes moments like her grabbing official police documents, probably well aware that Saki sharing them could get her fired, and acting like she just deserves to have things she wants even worse. She’s a brat and there isn’t a single likeable thing about her.

This story has gone on for a few episodes now and I feel like it has done a decent job of really making you fear for just about everyone in the situation. Even though to a point things have been cleared up surrounding the death and all that there is still a lot to be unraveled and with a actual death now Nanase is just going to become stronger.

It was a good episode.

Dynamics between the characters are a bit off because of Kotoko and the way she acts but overall it was enjoyable. I do like getting all this information and I find it fascinating that they are going to basically try and attack her by attacking the rumour in the first place. It seems like the sensible thing to do and now with them certain there is no one that can be blamed for the death the only thing for them to do is to attack with a lie.

Also it was interesting to learn how Kuro’s second ability, the ability to predict the future, works.

He needs to die to be able to see the branching futures and from there he is able to pick one that has a decent probability and take it. Only short  term future though and only if it has a high probability. The fact that Kotoko kind of takes it for granted that he can just die and return is a bit sad.

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