Darwin’s Game : Hardness

Episode 6

Hādonesu” (金剛ハードネス)

With Shuka in trouble in comes topless Kaname to save the day…

Let’s get straight to where this show really hit rock bottom this week.

Shuka nearly died because she couldn’t tread water any longer, Kaname decides to give her CPR because HE can no longer tread water or get her away to safety yet straight after she wakes up they have time not only to make out anyway but to then leisurely swim to safety.

It might sound like I’m exaggerating there but I really feel like this has been pretty much the worst thing the show has done in its entire run.

I do not get the Shuka/Kaname thing but this was just ridiculous.

They were in so much peril yet they weren’t. It was the stupidest scene that continued to get mentioned constantly as Shuka has fallen from bad ass character to stupid girl with a crush on someone.

Also since when has Kaname been the smartest person in the room?

Apparently he managed to figure something out before anyone else on a hunch. He’s suddenly adapted to this game, to this life and everything else super fast compared to how confused and worried he was a few days before.

Away from tat there were some really cool things though.

They just got lost to me in that stupidity.

Ryuji and his fight with Sui was interesting. Seeing Sui’s power in action but also learning that she has a split personality with her dead brother fighting to take control and wanting to harm others gave her such a interesting edge. I loved when he froze the water pouring out of a bottle to basically make a spring water sword.

Then she kind of got side cast as the groups new dogs body and was forgiven because Shuka got to kiss Kaname.

Again ruining things.

What they couldn’t ruin was the Florist last stand, he once more showed he was a bad ass but also there was kind of the problem that they seemingly underplayed the whole burn out on the powers thing by having him be able to right now go full power mode which makes you wonder where the actual threat in any of this actually is.

I don’t know but this show has gone from being something super interesting to a cliche in some ways.

It is taking all the things I hate about shows like this and throwing them all in now instead of continuing with being unique and interesting in its own way. I will not be happy if Sui is really now side cast as the dogs body, I don’t really care for the romance story so if that is coming to the forefront I’m gonna be bored as hell with it and just all round I’m worried with the direction.

Rain kept the smarts going though figuring out the point of the gems and heading to the real end point of the game.

The station.

I think the guy at the head of the Eight is on his way there too, he seems to have cracked the code as well and only sent his cronies to the hotel because afterwards the rings might be worth something. Everyone has figured out other then a possible monetary worth after the event the actual goal is something completely different.

What it is we’ll have to wait and see though.

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