A Destructive God Sits Next to Me : Brilliant Destiny

Episode 6

Another new friend?

Can it be that Seri just gravitates towards weirdos?

This is actually a really good episode and showed that the show can actually manage being chaotic yet interesting and funny at the same time.

Our new character is Mogami Kimikage, a student who transferred in because he used to be friends with Seri as a kid. He has taken on the persona of the Oni and I don’t know if they actually DID a play at school about the blue and red Oni but that seems to be where his obsession with the Oni thing came from.

There isn’t anything exciting about him as a character, he doesn’t really bring anything new to the show but it brought out the best in Hanadori who got a bit jealous.

I guess the biggest improvement was it wasn’t constantly inside Seri’s head though.

For a change he had to kind of struggle to come to terms with who these people are and what they want from him, his struggle was whether he should continue to try and not shout at them, shout at them or actually just give in and laugh. Of course the answer is to give in and laugh because all he’s doing is putting the attention on him as he shouts and acts crazy but he still doesn’t really get that.

What he did get a reminder of was that Hanadori is a much more capable human then him.

Also that these people see him as a friend even if their abilities to do things like normal humans is lacking.

Most of the drama of this episode actually was the fact that they were all kind of stalking Hanadori as he tried to be the representative for the Cultural Festival coming up. Seri won’t ask for help because that is just who he is and therefore he struggles to come up with something to do even though everyone tries to give him advice.

In fact one of Hanadori’s suggestions ends up being something that Kotoko and her class are actually going to do showing Hanadori, not that he noticed, that he maybe wants to listen.

I like how time and again through all the craziness that Hanadori does during the day we see that he’s actually smart, very capable and actually a decent person with a big heart. I do in some way want to see how he came to be the person he is, I don’t know if that is something that they will do or not but I honestly would love to know more about him.

Him basically bringing the class together and sorting their stuff out for the Festival easily was another nice touch to remind Seri, not that he remembers, that beyond the stupid character he portrays for whatever reason is actually the student Seri himself wishes to be.

If Seri just stopped being a ball of anger at everyone and everything.

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