VOD : Sam & Max : Culture Shock ~ A New Murderous Little Buddy

We once again streamed randomly because we’re wonderful at doing this now apparently. So a special stream of Sam & Max was in need!

Sam & Max is a series I’ve really wanted to play on stream since the beginning mainly because it is funny, easy to complete so good for my kind of hectic timing and just something right up my street.

We are MAYBE going live Tuesday with Sam & Max Episode 2 OR some Stardew.

100% doing Danganronpa on Wednesday for a good 6 hours.

So come say hi and give us a follow! https://www.twitch.tv/awerka89

We’ve decided to re-brand these just VODs now as I think I’m getting to the point where I’m running out of things to say.

As a experiment I think it worked and if you sit through this one you’ll see what I mean.

Before this I would never voice chat with anyone let alone do things like a really bad Murray the Talking Skull impression on something that someone was 100% watching and that will then be put on YouTube for anyone and everyone to see.

I did it though.

Streaming has given me a little more confidence but more then anything it is fun.

It doesn’t matter if I’m doing it on my own, watching people come in and out is kind of fun on its own, seeing the unique viewers in my summary or just having someone pop in and say a few words makes me feel like I’m doing something for a change.

We’ll still post the VODs here because I guess this is where most people see them anyway and we’ll also have a poll up later for the next big game to play after Danganronpa but now these can just be general gaming content.

Kind of.

You still have to put up with me.

Talk to us!

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