The Case Files of Jeweler Richard : Perilous Turquoise

Episode 6

Ayaui Torukoishi” (危ういトルコ石)

This is a hard show to really explain. Whilst the premise of it is simple enough what the show is actually trying to do remains up in the air as every week is a lesson for one character not to care too much about anyone because he just cares too much full stop whilst also having really random and usually quite pointless stories involving customers who have no real need to be there.

This episode was slightly better but bizarre in its own way.

What it really was aimed at was for the first time showing any interest in just who Richard is and I’m not sure whether or not that is a good thing right now.

We had our usual customer coming in with a general problem that somehow can be sorted by showing off a jewel to Richard.

Iyumi’s boyfriend has ran away and given her a Turquoise charm before disappearing, her problem was neither solved adequately or even really made much sense but it was all down to her boyfriend being a con artist.

One of those cons were they “date” the girl/guy they are trying to scam and get them to buy something that isn’t what it seems. Richard knows this but doesn’t tell her, instead making her feel better that he “must have wanted her to be happy to give her a Turquoise charm” before he left which seemed to do enough to make her happy thing is the guy hasn’t even left the city and Richard, who knew it was a scam thanks to having already seen and owning one of the fakes, hunts him down in no time.

What has this got to do with Richard?

Well interestingly enough apparently he was a con artist himself in a former life, it looks like we’ll learn how he came to not just be a Jeweler but so into solving missing Jewelry cases and such things.

Problem is I’m not sure if this is too late in the game to really switch that focus onto him.

So far this series we’ve had a bunch of lukewarm “cases” for the duo to solve that usually ends up with the most basic and flat endings you can possibly imagine. The heart of the show comes from learning about the gems themselves, that is what has kept me watching.

What really hasn’t worked at all this series is character work.

We get constantly told that Seigi is over the top, goes too far and so on and so forth. Problem is Seigi is a nice person and without his character “flaws” there would be no show. Him showing interest in customers problems is what makes them open up and the only time I could see him being in the wrong was making RICHARD uncomfortable by praising him for his looks constantly in that one episode where he did it out loud, all the time, for no reason, but even that was turned around to him upsetting a customer who decided they were ugly and didn’t like hearing how pretty someone else was.

Seigi’s character development and any story surrounding him has been handled so poorly I’m not even sure what the point of it is anymore.

We’re half way through and now we’ll get to know Richard?

I’m happy because we need to but at the same time they handled a simple character story so badly I am not sure they can handle a better one.

No character in this has been written consistently other then Seigi’s love interest, I’m interested to find out how Richard became the man he is today but I can honestly say I dread the mental circles we’ll be taken in to understand anything.

I very much hope I’m wrong on that one.

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