Somali and the Forest Spirit : Dying Flowers Look Up at the Birds

Episode 6

Ikinone Haru Hana wa Tori wo Aogu” (息の根はる花は鳥を仰ぐ)

This show does everything it can to lull you into a sense of safety before hitting you with something horrible whether it be foreshadowing or something actually bad.

Nothing in the world can be as bad as the situation Somali was in at the end of the last episode.

I’ve never felt more emotionally attacked then I do at the end of every episode of this show.

This one in particular was a emotional roller coaster that didn’t stop for anyone or anything. One minute you were worried about what Uzoi was about to do the next you were basking in the glorious wholesomeness of Somali, next we get the backstory of Haitora before more accidents happen and they wring every last tear they can from you.

Uzoi and Haitora are actually beautifully written characters.

Their existence is to show a different side to this war, we’ve heard it from the Monsters side and whilst we don’t know how Haitora feels about the war itself we now see the pain humans live with every day. In one way it goes to show that things will never get better because the vicious circle of hate will continue to go on.

Haitora was hunted and killed to survive. After losing his family and taking Uzoi’s he did the right thing by staying by a child’s side that had nothing left. It was its own unique and beautiful story that tore every emotional reaction it could have out of you. It was sad, it was scary and it ultimately showed that Humans and Monsters CAN come together and love each other if they see past the hatred and wars and just come together now.

Even horrific acts can lead to something better.

As for Uzoi I don’t know how old she’s meant to be in comparison to a Human child or indeed how she and Haitora truly see their relationship but she came over as being like Somali in every way.

Something Somali herself told her.

Her story is about being able to forgive someone who did something horrific to her and still love him for who he ended up being even though what he did was unforgivable.

Enemies can become friends as much as friends can become enemies.

No one is born evil, no one is born hating someone or something else. People, Monsters… They all are the same.

It is a problem that is born from fear. Monsters know that Humans started a war, Humans call Monsters the Grotesques and get carried off and eaten by them. Both fear the other side but we’ve seen the Monsters living life like Humans would and we’ve seen Humans living peacefully.

More importantly every single Monster we’ve met have fallen head over heels in love with Somali who has no biases, doesn’t want to harm anyone and has the capacity to care deeply.

What the Monsters and Humans fear are the actions of those in power, those who started the war and those who continue to spread fear and hate, the Monsters who live normal lives might eat the Humans when they can but it is no different from us seeing animals as food and also being capable of seeing them as a threat to be scared of to.

It really makes me believe that this series is going to end with Somali being able to bring Humans and Monsters together in a small way.

I don’t know how or why but I really think it might be leading down that path.

2 thoughts on “Somali and the Forest Spirit : Dying Flowers Look Up at the Birds”

  1. “It really makes me believe that this series is going to end with Somali being able to bring Humans and Monsters together in a small way.”

    I hadn’t even considered that, because since we first laid eyes on Somali, I’ve been preparing myself for… not sure what, but nothing positive!

    It would rock if your prediction comes true!

    1. I’m the same. I’ve spent the entire series waiting for horrible things to happen but there just is a little too much focus on the history of the Monsters and Humans that I feel something has to happen. Whether that be Somali bringing everyone together or just being accepted herself and saved by her friends there has to be more to it then something horrible that I thought was going to happen.

      Still gonna be heartbreaking specially with Golem only having over 100 days to live but it’s giving me hope.

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