Infinite Dendrogram : Beyond the Radix Point

Episode 6

Shōsūten no Kanata” (小数点の彼方)

It looked very much like Ray was killed by a child in the last episode. Chances are that he wasn’t but it was a very dramatic scene that worked to surprise you that they would do such a thing at the end of Episode 5.

In a matter of days now Ray has defeated two UBMs, first the Ogre now a concoction of the licht and the Minotaur that Ray and Hugo had to fight last week.

Both were defeated easily in the end but were merged together with the dead body of their underlings to create a giant hybrid that neither Hugo nor Ray or even both together at that point could defeat.

Just Ray did.

There was nothing wrong with the fight, it was a bog standard boss fight. We had the impossible odds, a near death experience and even a dream sequence that took me way too long to click that the big brother he was talking about, a famous fighter, was the dude in a bear costume and that is probably why he’s hiding his identity.

Finally though with new found power of mind Ray was able to stand once more and help Nemesis defeat the monster.

Of course this means that the attempted murder of Ray last week was completely swept under the rug, well not swept under the rug but there was nothing interesting in it. The first round boss fights weren’t really all that important or at least Ray’s really wasn’t. It was all there basically to lead to this giant beast of a thing and a impossible battle for Ray.

Which is all fine but it came too close to the Ogre fight and just seemed to be a pointless reminder that we need to know he’s special.

We know he is, he’s the protagonist, they always are.

Not only that but a underlying story of him and Nemesis falling in love feels totally unneeded.

It is starting to stray further away from being about a guy in a video game and trying to incorporate him into the world. We now have this entire Lore based story on how players with Maiden type Embryo’s that care about the world have something wrong with them.

Or basically Ray cares too much about computer generated people.

So now he’s going to have to have a romantic relationship with one of them.

Why this kind of annoys me is that there isn’t actually anything gripping or super entertaining in this show at all. As I said it kind of skipped to a giant battle to bring Nemesis and Ray together once again, have Nemesis smooch Ray and have him do the impossible.

All this episode was here to do was to remind us that Ray is special and that there is a bond that can’t be explained between him and his Embryo.

Which would be fine if you cared about Ray or Nemesis which at this point I don’t.

That being said the Penguin and Hugo ended up working together and they are there to start a war so that might be more interesting going forward, the fight scenes are still pretty cool to watch and the show has a good pacing to it so you are never super bored or anything watching it.

It is watchable and that is about all you can say for it.

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