Anime Highlights Week 56

3rd – 9th February 2020

I have scraped the original intro to apologise deeply that this is SO VERY LATE!

If I’m honest I DID NOT TAKE NOTES then I was going to do it at the beginning of the week and STREAMED INSTEAD LIKE A BAD PERSON and then finally I decided to stay up for over 30 hours watching a streamers birthday Subathon Thursday into Friday and wasted all the day before it and all the day after it just being me.

So they are late.

Kinda don’t make sense.

Hope you love them.


Let me tell you that Luc hit the nail on the head with the cast of Dorohedoro this week.

All the Sorcerers are absolute Dorks and that just makes this show even better because whilst we have the disgusting, nightmare fuel animation style with the crazy masks, dead bodies everywhere and grimy locations we also have a bunch of murderous assholes who blush when they see a naked woman or fuss over a monster dog and decided on names for him or ask for people to go to the bathroom with them.

This show mixes over the top horrifying images with over the top adorable characters.



There was a little bit of happy growing in this weeks shows. Yes it’ll be one of those weeks where I find really random ways to link many things.

Keep Your Hands off Eizouken starts off this highlight with just how impressive their growth is. Not so much in their actual numbers but the reach they now have being able to gain a computer, get help from the Art Club and even kind of recruit a sound tech. Asakusa herself is growing too in confidence of her own work as well as getting into the role of being a director.

Eizouken is probably one of my favourite anime series… Ever at this point but that is because it gets better every week.

The other two are a little more dodgy when it comes to a grouped theme.

For me In/Spectre saw the character growth of Saki which I loved.

See I never hated her or thought her bad, I don’t think anyone did. She got freaked out and obviously had a lot of problems processing something that no normal person has to process, she also very much couldn’t talk to other people about it and get on with her new job.

Now we see her grow into this new world and therefore regain some of the love and trust she had for Kuro. Understanding him is important but being old enough and having the experience she now has kind of leads her to open her eyes to the new world around her.

Then for the hell of it I’ve thrown in Sherlock.

Moriarty as a character has grown yet changed. Change might be the word we really need to use but it was a tenuous link in the first place.

There is something going on in the background that none of us know about yet but seeing him come out of all this as a tougher person is interesting. It isn’t a good thing and he looks set to be the big bad for the finale but the growth from charming, tortured soul to whatever it is he is now is growth of some sort.

The bad sort.

One HELLUVA Conspiracy!

Who is John Walker?

ID : Invaded seem set on actually looking into this right now but to do that first there needs to be a conspiracy.

A set up.

Someone else to blame.

That person is Momoka, the guy in charge of everything and former friend of Narihisago.

I haven’t at all been impressed with the John Walker story if I’m honest, it was something that kind of peaked my interest in the first story then felt forgotten about until it was tacked onto everything. I really love the dive into Serial Killers minds, the explanations for why these people are doing things and even the mystery surrounding Narihisago but I can’t find myself to care about John Walker.

Sometimes it feels like they just WANT us to care without giving us a reason. All the characters get angry, bash their fist on something and exclaim in that way they always do “John Walker”.

Why should I thought?

Up until very recently they haven’t given me a reason but this conspiracy might actually give me some room to care. There are a lot of things I want to see right now in it but having John Walker be powerful enough to maybe put this all into action might actually save the story for me.

What makes a Great Detective?

Talking of ID : Invaded this was the first time we see Hondomachi in the ID Well and honestly?

I don’t think I like it.

Maybe that isn’t the right way to put it.

There was something about Hondomachi that I really enjoyed up until they pointed out how much she seemingly lacks in empathy. The way that we got to see her actions and why she was transferred to this unit, like killing the guy with a hole in his head to get a reading from the actual Gravedigger, was a eye opener but none more then this episode where characters asked for her help saving other people and she basically told them to do it themselves.

I can now see why she isn’t a good person to have on a live investigation.

It leads to the question what makes a good detective though in the ID Wells.

We can rule out the murdering thing, it might be a reason they can get in there or something but we’ve already seen that just killing people isn’t enough to make you good at this. Whilst Narihisago at this point is a serial killer he also doesn’t seem to lack empathy, in fact in some ways his actions of talking people into killing themselves shows a great amount of empathy for his victims.

Without knowing more about Narihisago I guess we can’t really compare the two but it is weird they are the only two who are good at it.

Maybe it is simply because that is what they were outside of all this anyway?

Those Damn Animations!

Three shows week after week take my breath away when it comes to their animated styles.

Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken , Magia Record and Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun.

For Eizouken it is simply that mix of animation with hand drawn animated stuff. I mean it is hard to explain but you have this quirky looking anime about people drawing anime and we see their drawings and even their drawings come to life and that weird mix of all the different styles is just beautiful. Then Magia Record has inherited the beauty of Witches Labyrinths from its predecessor and just brings this weirdly terrifying yet gorgeous threat to life in such vivid yet muted colours.

Then there is Hanako-kun.

I struggle to explain what it is I love about this show. It is a very Fairy Tale, Gothic kind of style, everything about how it is put together is a treat to the sense. Everything about it drives me crazy because I want to shout to the world how much I love it but I can’t find the right words. It is just… If I ever see another Alice in Wonderland animation I would want it in that style.

Weeks off kill the momentum?

I’ve said it countless times with a number of shows but having a week off tends to kill the vibe going forward and unfortunately Darwin’s Game comeback was just that.

It didn’t help that even if the momentum hadn’t died the story was changing and it just felt very disjointed from what I could remember of the episode before. Its jump from focusing on those in the hotel and what was happening there to opening up the world so the characters could go and interact with various other people just didn’t sit with me and then they dumped lots of things like the rings and their meanings on us but I just didn’t care.

Which is a shame because Darwin’s Game originally looked like it would be a contender for best series of the season.

Licht vs Jail

Good fight.

If anything I liked it because it showed how strong both are, how they both look at the world and where their priorities lie. I think Licht as we go forward will have a sad story to tell but I’m also interested in finding out why Jail is the way he is.

Whilst Licht might have won if he had been serious and not trapped somewhere where he could destroy people’s homes I feel he has a fight on his hands with Jail.

Plus it ended with Jail realising that he was in the wrong when it came to Lynn and helping with the kids play area. It built him up to be something I’m not sure he is and then showed that maybe his conviction just consumes him but underneath it all he’s just doing his job.

For whatever reason Licht is the criminal in all this whether right or wrong.

Hayashi vs Tsukasa

A very different type of battle.

In Pet they don’t need swords to fight they just go inside each others brains and do their thing.

It is scary but this fight between a mentor and his former pupil is actually one of the more interesting battles I think you’ll ever see. It takes place within their minds and therefore easily shows you the path to Tsukasa wanting Hayashi to burn.

It was very sad.

Character Highlight of the Week Kanamori!

Just because!

No really.

Kanamori is constantly my favourite part of Eizouken.


She doesn’t like anime, she doesn’t have any skill at making them but she stands by everyone at every step. She’s got the brains, she keeps them on track, she sorts out problems… Sure she’s a bit of a bully to do it but at the same time there would be no club if she didn’t strong arm them there.

Whilst I get why Asakusa is the Director it feels wrong to put her as the head of anything when Kanamori is the one out there getting shit done.

Such a cool character.


There you have the highlights from last week!

I apologise once more they are so late and promise that notes have been taken and highlights are going to be ready for Monday/Tuesday for this current week. It has been a hectic week what with stuff and things but we’ll be back to, hopefully, the kind of consistent we’ve been recently.

As always let us know your highlights (if you can even remember them) down below!

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