Horse Girl (2020)

Netflix has some gems on it and Horse Girl is one of those films that you stubble upon by complete accident and end up amazed you haven’t heard about it before you found it.

It isn’t the greatest but it actually was a beautiful look at how real the world inside someone who doesn’t see the world the way we do is.

Sarah, played by Alison Brie, is a introvert without many friends who loves her old horse and enjoys her work. She does those little things that lonely people do to feel like they are connecting while in reality they aren’t connecting at all.

That is until she slowly starts to go crazy.

It doesn’t fully give you a explanation for what is happening, the ending leaves you wondering whether or not what she was seeing is real but overall it just shows us the horrors that those with mental illness go through on a daily basis.

She loses time, sleep walks, believes she’s hearing the future and even goes as far as stalking people and trying to get a date to help her dig up her dead mother to prove she’s a clone of her grandmother. People try to reach out but only half heartedly and even when she is committed and shows signs of still being unstable they just let her back and make appointments for her outside of a secure place.

Her dreams are portrayed as being super realistic so instead of just watching someone go crazy we see how real it is to her. How it doesn’t just look real but feels it and how she can’t tell the difference between what is real and what isn’t real.

For this to work you need a good actress in place and Alison Brie did a wonderful job of showing how scary her situation was. Conversations where she admits that she knows what she says is crazy, manic periods where she feels everyone is out to get her and does random things to try and protect herself and even just the every day normality of being a shy and awkward introvert trying to fit in felt all so real. You couldn’t help but feel so sorry for her as she clang onto things that made her happy and then as those around her saw her fall feel the pain she went through to be believed.

At times it was confusing, others super sad but it kept you guessing all the way throughout.

I think I loved the way it changed tack the best.

The beginning felt like a set up for a awkward RomCom but then it changes into a supernatural drama which took me by surprise if I’m honest. It was a wonderful twist for a great film.

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