The Anxiety Experiment #9 : Danganronpa : Trigger Happy Havoc Chapter 2 Or that video were Sakura touches a dead boys peen

I know what you are thinking, another VOD? Well get used to it because apparently my streams are here to stay…

To the point that we are about to go live with Stoneshard on Twitch in a few so join us there!

This was probably our most productive stream so far though. It is getting ever easier to start, even my internet/computer playing up is starting to not be so bothersome. Usually I leave it to run for a minute or so, it’ll cut out, I’ll restart the stream and boom. Done.

Amazing this was a 6 hour long stream and other then the first minute or so which I didn’t bother even attempting to act like it would stick around I had no problems.

EVEN when two other people were home with phones on the internet and watching things through the PS4 downstairs.

There is still a tiny bit of hesitation starting it and even more so just getting started in general.

Whilst I have a handful of followers most of them are friends so it isn’t like there are people there right from the beginning so it is half remembering I need a concise intro for the VOD and half me trying to sound like I’m talking to someone.

As I’m writing this before going live there isn’t much I’m going to add to this one. We had a lively chat through most of the second half and a whole bunch of unique viewers so maybe it isn’t so bad?

I didn’t freak out and end the stream at all anyway!

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