The Anxiety Experiment #10 : Stoneshard ~ A Very Short (nearly 3 hour) Stream of a New Game (lots of death)

I know the 9th edition of this series was kind of rushed out but I’m here again for a second day in a row with our VOD for today’s stream.

Remember to follow us on Twitch for when I go live because I’m going to be going live a WHOLE bunch more.

So the reason the other blog was kind of quickly done was I was late home from work and I was going to write that one then stream (as I did) but then had no time to really write anything.

I guess from these last two blogs there is something I’ve learnt.

We started these mainly as a motivational tool to get me to stream, it is something I’ve wanted to do for fun for a long while and never had the guts to do. Amanda told me to do them as part as this silly experiment to see if I can overcome my social problems and do something like this and when I stopped doing it back in October it really felt like no… No I can’t do it.

Then the other day I was talking to someone online and I realised that the only reason I can’t do it is because I said I can’t.

There was nothing actually stopping me.

These last two streams I haven’t felt nervous at all with starting the stream, I don’t really know what to say to start it but I have no problems pressing that button anymore. I also don’t mind other people knowing so all my closest friends know about it, some of them are following and even a friend from a community I belong to shows up and chats now.

It is just fun to go on and hang out.

That last Danganronpa stream had some random people come in to talk about the game, the anime and all sorts. It was super fun getting to talk to people even briefly and that was the point of the experiment. I spend so much time not talking to people, my only real interaction other then on Discord Servers is at work so it was nice to just have random people to talk to about things I care about.

Plus it motivates me to play games.

I’ve wanted to play through Danganronpa again for absolute AGES but as it takes so long (like 6 hours per chapter) I never find the time as there is always something else I COULD be doing. Thing is because of my depression I rarely do anything else and spend huge portions of my day staring off into space getting depressed.

When we started this Amanda gave me a few different goals. I won’t go into them all right now, I might just do a straight up blog about that in a week or so, but what seemed impossible a few months ago now just seems like something I need to put hard work into and enjoy.

Which I am.

Specially with my friends hanging out even if some of them are just lurkers and like to talk to me about it after the stream.

I averaged 6 viewers (over 40 unique viewers apparently) yesterday and 4 today, I can’t really stream for long periods of the time most of the time but I feel like I’m getting there.

It is now just a fun hobby.

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